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Folding Picnic Table and Chairs

Updated on June 22, 2014

If a lot of time is spent outside in the backyard or on camping adventures than a portable and folding picnic table is often a great option. These foldable tables are available in a choice of all weather materials, such as aluminum, wood and plastic, and in view of there lightweight build these tables can be set-up in minutes. Collapsible tables are often affordable pieces of furniture - costing in the region of $35 for a 4-person plastic table to $250 for a 6 foot 8-person foldable table in wood.

Whether it’s a rectangle, round or octagon picnic table these functional pieces of furniture are a great addition to all backyards, deck areas, swimming pool area, or other such areas in need of a comfortable seating arrangement.

Fold Up Picnic Table Models

StanSport, Sky Enterprise, Lifetime, and Pinic at Ascot all manufacture a series of wooden and plastic portable folding picnic table in a multitude of designs and sizes. The foldable benches offer ease in set-up, with the wooden seats often offering a much sturdy, heavier, and prettier design than that of the plastic variety.

One popular model of outdoor products is the series of 2 to 8-person Lifetime folding picnic table units. Models start out with a top-surface of 30" L x 20" W, with adjustable height settings, and ideal for parties to a 6 foot foldable picnic table with space to accommodate eight adults without a problem. These picnic tables offer a solid and stable support once the legs are locked into place. Tables are made of a heavy-duty plastic and steel - which offers a more durable material than wood, and isn't going to peel, split or chip. Once finished with these tables fold flat for ease in storage.

Camping Tables

If planning on traveling on a mini travel trailer, watercraft, or full-sized RV its often a benefit to own a folding camping table, which are equally suited to home or backyard use. If camping in the wilderness, a set of plastic or aluminum tables will offer ease in portability in view of there lightweight nature and ability to collapse.

Self Build Plans

If in the mood for a quick and simple do-it-yourself project locating a set of folding picnic table plans should be a high priority. Quality plans in a variety of sizes, styles and designs can be located in various sources online to create an easy-to-built outdoor table. A great weekend project that ought to last for decade and will soon be a focal point in a backyard. All plans and patterns are often adaptable to meet most needs. 


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