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Want Attractive Raised Gardening Beds Fast? Just Build With Easy To Use Wall Retaining Blocks of Reconstituted Stone!

Updated on September 30, 2013

Not Confident About Your Wall Building Skills? No Worries!

Believe it or not, the most difficult part of building raised gardening beds or retaining walls when you do it yourself is choosing a style and design that best complements your house and current surroundings! Consumers today have such a vast range of raised bed kit materials to choose from including wood, railway sleepers, metal, plastic, brick, concrete or stone that we can easily construct any kind of hard landscaping for our gardens, whatever size, style or shape takes our fancy.

Take The Easy Path....Use Reconstituted Stone Bricks!

It is a fact though that harder surfaces do take a bit more work, planning, skill and knowledge to build initially, however they more than make up for the time and effort required because they are the easiest to care for and are the most durable in the long run. So if you are new to DIY and your preferred garden style is for a harder surface, do not be put off by a lack of building skills and knowledge. In cases such as these, I would strongly suggest that you opt for easier to use reconstituted stone blocks rather than red brick or natural stone which requires greater skill and expertise to achieve reasonable results.

My First Effort: Raised Gardening Beds Using Reconstituted Stone Blocks Can Be Any Shape or Size That You Want!

Walls Using Reconstitued Stone Blocks Can Be Easily 'Glued' or Mortared Together.
Walls Using Reconstitued Stone Blocks Can Be Easily 'Glued' or Mortared Together.

What Are Reconstitued Stone Blocks?

Reconstituted stone blocks are made by crushing and grinding natural stone and then re-constituting it, in a mould, with cement mortar. They come in a great range of colours, shapes and sizes, and can look very realistic when put together with matching landscaping or surroundings and are usually available from your local garden centre or builders merchant.

Reconstituted stone blocks are ideal for beginners who want to build their own walls and learn the basic art of wall building because:

  1. They are very easy to use with flat tops and bottoms and can be ‘glued’ or mortared together.
  2. They are bigger than normal bricks, so wall construction can be completed relatively quickly for a beginner.
  3. They are cheaper to buy than red bricks or real natural stone, so are relatively cost effective.
  4. They can be highly decorative and designed to look very much like ‘natural’ stone.
  5. Local builders tend to stock a wider variety of reconstituted stone and colours e.g. sandstone, limestone and granite, so you have greater choice.
  6. You can also choose from a variety of textures e.g. smooth, natural and textured stone faces which even look like traditional dry stone walling etc.
  7. They come in a range of sizes and shapes, ideal for laying random courses which make the wall look more natural.
  8. They always give a professional finish to wall building......even if you are most amateur DIYer around!

Don't Get Carried Away.....Know Your Limits!

Reconstituted stone blocks are an ideal material for edging paths and flower beds as well as building garden features such as garden seating, decorative wells, raised ponds, retainer walls for slopes and of course raised gardening beds for flowers or vegetables.

If you intend to build a raised bed to solve a drainage problem, then the minimum height needs to be at least 4ins, whilst the highest height of any wall that you build should be no more than 24ins.

However please take note of the following warning:

Leave the building of any walls that are higher than 24ins to a professional builder who will no doubt have to use wall strengthening techniques, especially when considering the amount of soil that a wall of that height will have to hold back. Collapsed retaining walls have been known to you definitely don't want to create a garden feature that is an accident just waiting to happen in the future!!!


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