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Plants That Bear Pink Flowers

Updated on August 4, 2023
precy anza profile image

Precy loves to write about many topics, including how to grow some of the most wonderful plants in the world.


Alright, I have covered the fragrant flowers as well as the tubular, and bell-shaped flowers as well. But I know there were still a number of people who loves pink and gardening both. And that is why they want to have a pink garden! All those pink flowers in the yard that they could have!

And so, what are the plants that bears pink flowers? To help you with that, here are a list of plants that will give you pink blossoms.

Fuchsia flowers.
Fuchsia flowers. | Source


Fuchsia is a great bloomer and displays a beautiful pink blooms, great in hanging baskets which is why I love having fuchsia. The fuchsia here in the photo had already bloomed about three to four times since Spring this year, 2012 and still about to flower as of now (Summer season). I can say it likes its place under the shade of our chayote, compared to the fuchsia last year that we choose to hang. It wasn't really happy with the sunshine eventhou there was a shade above to filter the sun.

Consider having fuchsia in your shady areas either on hanging baskets or planted on the ground where they can grow as small tree. These beautiful flowers could help on how to attract hummingbirds in your yard. There are varieties of fuchsias to choose from as this bloomer would display pink petals with white sepals, magenta colored petals and pink sepals or purple petals with red sepals and so on.

But for the kind that flowers in pink, look for Pink Fantasia, Tom Thumb (has pink sepals and mauve petals) and if having a white petals with the pink would be alright with you, consider Alice Hoffman and Lady Thumb fuchsia which has a color white petals and pink sepals.




Don't forget snapdragons as this too, has a variety that gives a gorgeous pink blooms. Ever wonder why snapdragons? That's because of the shape of the flowers having similarity or resembling the face of a dragon, or say an open mouth of a dragon where antirrhinum on the other hand, pertains to being "nose like." The first time I had seen snapdragons in different colors, I told myself I want to have them as they are beautiful. If I don't have the lupines as we have a limited space and our patio was already pretty crowded, I'm going to have the snapdragon instead.

And so I bought a packet of seeds from our local Walmart with mixed seeds and planted some, getting excited on what color will the flower be. And so the first plant gave me a beautiful white snapdragon flowers. And this year, there was this one I had tried on hanging basket that bloomed in pink.

This perennial plant grows in full sun or partial sunny areas and depends on what you prefer to have in your garden, they come in three heights to choose from. Snapdragon varieties can be grown as dwarf which reaches up to 8 inches in height. There are the medium ones reaching a little more than 2 ft. and the ones that grows up to 4 ft. are the tall ones.



There are many varieties of roses, most that I see, or you see growing on yards are the shrubs but there are also the climbing roses and the miniature ones, which I think are cute. Being showy, roses usually have thorns in its stems.There are also climbing roses in pink that you would fall in love with if you consider them as choice too.

And since this hub is all about the pink flowering plants, I'm going to list few varieties of roses that blooms in pink.

April Love: A shrub growing up to 6 ft. April Love roses bears fragrant, beautiful, fully double pink flowers.

Awareness: Blooms in deep pink and is also fragrant. This hybrid rose is also known as Lady Aberdeen.

Bantry Bay: Bantry Bay is a climbing rose, with its large flowers slightly scented being 4 inches in deep pink color. It would be a good choice to have it climbing on fences or trellis with its showy pink blooms.

Bougainville: Another climber that reaches 12 ft. with its pink flowers being only 2 inches in size.

Constance Spry: A shrub reaching 6 ft. in height, bearing lightly pink roses on Summer that can tolerate shady area. Constance spry can be trained to climb on trellis.



Catharanthus roseus

Grown as an ornamental plant , this would be a good choice for areas with poor soil as periwinkle grows even on such type of soil. A herbaceous plant, periwinkle, also called rose periwinkle and rosy periwinkle, enjoys either shady or sunny area.

Aside from its beautiful pink color, periwinkle also blooms in white, lavender, blue and red. Other names this plant is known for are vinca manor, creeping myrtle and another name derived from where it was native from, Madagascar periwinkle.




Not only they are beautiful when in bloom at Spring season but hyacinth flowers are fragrant. The spike of flowers that could reach 12 inches tall displays blue, lavender, yellow, white, orange, red, and of course pink.



Plumeria acuminata

A tree that reaches up to 20 ft tall, plumeria which is named after a botanist named Charles Plumier, is a nectarless flower and is grown as an ornamental tree.

Aside from the pink plumeria bloom shown in the photo, some other colors of the flower are red, orange, and the common color which is white. This can be a great ornamental tree in the back or front yard for shades, but be careful with the sap. Plumeria tree's milky sap could irritate the eyes and skin if comes in contact.



Digitalis purpurea

The flowers are beautiful in a tall, spike reaching 6 ft. tall and colors varies from white, purple, yellow and of course, pink. Foxglove is also a hummingbird flower and these little birds would be happy to visit foxglove in the garden. Bees enjoys the nectar too. The tubular-shaped flowers are also known as "finger-like" as in a way that the tips of the fingers would fit in it. In that way, it could be fun for kids to play with the flowers but be cautious with it as eventhough it blooms beautiful flowers, the plant is toxic.

Few other names foxglove is known for are Witches' Glove, Lady's Glove, and Dead Man's Bells and thrives in shaded locations and area that gets partial sunlight.

Mexican Heather

Cuphea hyssopifolia

When I saw this shrub on stores garden center, it brought back childhood memories as we had it back in the Philippines planted on the side of the house and blooms small, beautiful pinkish flowers. It loves the sun and there are times it blooms profusely. One fun thing I love doing with it is keeping the heather trimmed, keeping them in their rounded shape.

Other names: Elfin herb, False heather and Hawaiian heather

Full sun and shaded area is favored by this small shrub that grows about 12 inches in height.

Flowers: Generally color purple but there are also pink and white.


Archangel Pink Angelonia

Angelonia angustifolia

A plant that can thrive in hot weather or drought, archangel pink angelonia bears its flowers in its upright stalk and reaches 12 inches in height.

Also known as Summer snapdragon, pink angelonia is suitable for containers and prefers sun to partially shaded locations.

Flower colors aside from pink are white, and purple and blooms all year round.


Pink Mist Pincushion

Scabiosa columbara

An easy to care perennial growing up to 18 inches in height, preferring a well-drained soil, pink mist pincushion blooms on Spring season until frost and would attract butterflies and bees in your yard. The name was yes, it says "pink" but it could be a pinkish to lavender color or light pink.

And the name? Because of the stamens protruding, and its resemblance to pins, the name pincushion was born.

Pink mist, is drought tolerant and can also be seen on rock gardens and can be planted on pots.


Sea Pink

Armeria maritima

Preferring full sun and semi-shaded area, this drought tolerant sea pink is a great ground cover growing 6 to 12 inches displaying its pink flowers on Spring until the early days of Summer. Sea pink thrives on tough locations and would be seen on rock gardens.

Just a word of caution with this plant, aside from having sharp edges, the parts are poisonous so handle it well.

Other names: sea drift and sea cushion


Rock Rose

Cistus creticus

An evergreen shrub growing about 3 feet that produce big, usually five petaled flowers that loves full sun. Being a good choice for areas that you wanted to be covered, the pink rock rose flowers are wrinkled. The blooms would be in colors of white and purple aside from its pink color.

Some other names this shrub is known for are soft hairy rock rose or hairy rock rose because of its leaves having fine, hairs on them. And if you have poor soil, might as well consider planting rock rose and it is drought tolerant too.




Reaching 11 ft. in height with colors in pink, yellow, white to red and darker reddish color, hollyhocks are biennial displaying its flowers in tall spikes which makes them stands out in a garden. Hollyhocks loves full sunlight and is a drought tolerant.

Hollyhocks has short life span but they do reseed which ensures new hollyhocks to sprout and grow in the garden- more flowers to enjoy!


Canterbury Bells

Campanula medium

Also a biennial plant that grows up to 3ft. high. The flowers varies in color from pink, white and blue. The blooms are attractive in their bell shape which is one reason why it is also known as bell flower, or its name canterbury bell.

Planting this plant in your yard in a sunny location with well drained, rich soil, it's bell shape flowers would turn heads of passersby and for some reason I could think of the kids look of admiration with the flowers shape when they spotted this.




A Spring blooming flower, which is produce by an upright stem that usually carries one flower. This sun loving perennial can be seen selling on garden centers on Spring with beautiful, showy flowers and is great for containers.

Aside from the color pink, tulips comes in colors of red, white, orange, purple, yellow and grows about as small as 4 inches to 2 ft.


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