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Foreclosure Procedure Help Without Housing Counselors

Updated on November 20, 2012

According to the Kansas City Star, the federal funding for many housing counselors will be drying up completely after next month. Many agencies have already closed their doors since federal money for housing counseling from HUD stopped after September 30 of this year. So where can homeowners go for help with their foreclosure procedure now?

Your Mortgage Company
If you haven’t already tried working directly with your mortgage company, now is the time to start. They have a foreclosure department that you can work with to try to get your home out of foreclosure. But a word of warning about working with your bank directly, it will take persistence. You will likely be transferred and cut off many times when you call. Try to get the name and direct line of someone you can work with to make the process easier. You may also need to provide them with paperwork several times and lots of paperwork. Keep copies of everything that you send because you may need to send it more than once. Carefully read any agreements that you make with the mortgage company and take them to an attorney if you have time and can afford it.

Credit Counseling
If you have a lot of credit card debt, a credit counseling agency may be able to help with your foreclosure procedure. If the credit card debt is what is making it difficult for you to make your mortgage payments, these counselors might be able to help you lower the payments on your credit cards so that you can afford your mortgage payment again. Look for a non-profit agency and ask them upfront what their fees are and if they charge for an initial consultation. Some places offer a free initial session and only charge you if they can workout a solution with your lenders.

Local Help
Some local agencies are funded by state or local government resources. Provided that the state has not decided to cut funding for these type of services, you may be able to find assistance through local channels. Some states have a hotline number you can call to be connected to help and others offer more robust services like loans or grants to help you remain in your home. It is worth checking local resources by calling your state or city offices or looking online.

Fighting your foreclosure procedure alone can be difficult and frustrating. Look for help where you can find it and try to find sources of emotional support during this difficult time as well.


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