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Foreclosure and debt reduction. Escalation is the next step. But get some ammo first.

Updated on February 9, 2014

Who is secure?

Is it the mortgage or the personal relation that gives this child securtiy?
Is it the mortgage or the personal relation that gives this child securtiy? | Source

Escalation as a tool.

So I am sitting in a coffee house waiting for Bob and Sue. Bob likes to bob and weave and Sue likes to cut to the chase and “sue the bastards”. They are cool people and I like them. They are working on a credit debt resolution and a mortgage modification. Hard times hit them after they spent all their dough re me on stuff after the fires devastated homes in northern San Diego County. Their plight is righteous with no melingering or poor me attitude. He a 30 year immigrant and she is born and bred US Southwest. But I have met with the same folks in Mass. Fla. Texas and Oregon.

I am referred and called in, not because of my great work in credit issue resolutions or because I am handsome and well spoken. I am here to do one thing in one hour. Put the fire back in the belly of these outstanding Americans. They just cannot get past the pain in the ass folks on the other end of the line during negotiations. That means they cannot negotiate. Frontline folks got no authority to alter or modify basic terms in a contract – Next level is required.

Clearly a home and what we have are only as important as we make them.

My son has one million toys but lately it is two of my pant belts that is most likely to plays with. They are snakes and ropes and whips and just plain old fun to swing around and have fun with all day.

So it is my son that makes the belt into something he treasures.

Ticky Tacky

Escalation is a state of mind, yours.

Ah shucks, I ain’t no better at it than anybody else. But I get it, like nobody else. First let me say a bit about delay. If you are negotiating and not paying, why would you want to hurry. That is the time of the paper chase. Just give them enough to keep them from going to the next step. That said, be ready for the wild ride of escalation.

What I reckon most of us think of at some point is “let me talk to your supervisor”. I like it. It don’t do no damn good but I like it. Nah, a move to move up the ladder to get to someone with authority to do something requires some really cool stuff. On mortgages we use a QWR (qualified written response) in credit we use a series of pain in the butt requirements lender must acknowledge and respond to (demand for accounting, respond only in writing, credit reporting clarifications). Oh deary do not get me wrong, these do not get you upstairs, but they are the foundation upon which the steps to get you there are built.

Let us look at why they might be the stairs. Because an error might be found that will now be exposed. So back to the rag tag do it your selfer You can do this with two phone calls and generally about an hour of time on the phone. Get your head wrapped around the notion that they have done something wrong. Do not pre-evaluate. Do not be an advocate against yourself. Just know, breathe and be. Push that problem beyond the other person’s ability. You will not be the one to escalate, they will and poof, the magic dragon has been slayed. Do not be hard on yourself. Any issue you pick will work.

My beautiful bride and I often question the integrity of customer service that we receive. Sorry to say it normally, fails the test. We let it go. We want folks to keep their job. And we love to let it go with hopes that for a moment, someone in charge cares.

But deep hard negotiations for home and family do not let any of us let it go.

A guy named Hance built this place and claimed the land.

I do not believe there was a deed involved.
I do not believe there was a deed involved. | Source

Do you engage in tough negotiations for what is right?

If you are wronged do you just walk away?

See results

A bottom line on resolving issues with lenders.

You cannot just say please and get it done. You cannot cry and get it done. And you cannot just give it a one shot deal. And you can't just quit at the first sign of trouble.

Map out a strategy.

The winners in life are those who know where they are going, the losers conversely just run willy nilly with no direction.

This is a good time to pick up the phone and get some free advice from a professional trying to land you business. Do not worry they would rather you call even to waste their time than not call at all. Do this so you can lay out a plan. like this:

  1. phone call is made to discuss and get a feel for it.
  2. phone call to speak with another rep because they could tell you something different
  3. Letter demanding reasonable things be sent to you
  4. follow up phone call
  5. Second letter following up on the first and the phone calls
  6. And so on and so on.

This is also a to do list and just like anything else being able to check off you list gives you at least some modicum of accomplishment and hopefully keep your spirits up.

The list hopefully helps you also to compartmentalize. So you do your job on this and then put it away mentally until it is time to do the next step.

And here is a fun one in your letters demand this:

"I hereby demand that you communicate with me only in writing unless I initiate other communication methods."

That actually in certain circumstances is enforceable and even in some cases a violation of this demand can void a debt.

Have fun!

Hey it is perfectly legal for you to blow off some steam.

Do not keep it inside, and the guy on the other end of the line gets paid to listen to your verbal abuse and rants. But try to end it by apologizing and thanking him for listening. He has debts too!
Do not keep it inside, and the guy on the other end of the line gets paid to listen to your verbal abuse and rants. But try to end it by apologizing and thanking him for listening. He has debts too! | Source

Probably a good idea to read something like this, but do not elevate to "Bible" status.


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