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Four free energy saving light bulbs from British Gas

Updated on August 21, 2009

British Gas keeps bribing its customer by sending out a total of 52 million light bulbs. Of course we are happy to see a package of four energy saving light bulbs sitting quietly outside our door steps, and I wondered if British Gas is a fool, or even a charity, because we use both their electricity and Gas, if British Gas keeps sending out energy saving light bulbs, its customers will use less electricity, and it will make less money. Look at these facts British Gas gives:

Theses four light bulbs could save you around £18.50 a year. And if every one of our customers used them, enough energy would be saved to power over 150,000 homes for a year.

But wait a minute, these light bulbs help reduce our bills and carbon footprint, this also means British Gas will lose 150,000 homes a year?

But British Gas has very good reason to send out light bulbs without compromising its profit.

Many other salesman knock our door to persuade us to switch to other suppliers. But if I keeps receiving those light bulbs, we think about if it's wise to switch our suppliers, and may ask the salesman this question: do you give us free energy saving light bulbs as British Gas does?

As we a bag of salt into the sea will not increase the sea saltier, four light bulbs have no way to compromise British Gas's profit, because "It's the little things that are easy to do - the little steps that add up to a lot." says BG managing director. It would be a disaster if all BG customer turn "totally green overnight". But this not going to happen, four light bulbs just like a bag of salt to the ocean, and do the same job a carrot to a donkey, which let it's customer loyal to BG.


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    • jim.sheng profile image

      Dalriada Books Ltd 7 years ago from UK

      Yes, they ARE not bright enough. We have switched to energy saving light bulbs, but it's very dark, especially not good for reading a book. The dim lights you feel very depressive, it seem affect my mood.

    • lindsays5624 profile image

      lindsays5624 7 years ago

      Good Post. One of the reasons why British Gas issue the light bulbs is to meet energy efficienct targets set by the government. But these will only be made if people use them and unfortunately many people do not!! One of the reasons is because the brightness of the bulbs sent out is not high enough!

    • profile image

      Chatwin 8 years ago

      This is an absolutely great idea! Nothing like this happening anywhere.