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Fragranced Wax Tarts, Melts and Chips for Melting - Reviews and Ideas

Updated on February 7, 2012
One of Jan Saenredam's neat engravings, this one is "smell".
One of Jan Saenredam's neat engravings, this one is "smell". | Source

What are Tarts, Chips and Melts?

I learned of wax tarts and melts several years ago, but only really tried them in the last few years. You can find these at candle stores like Yankee Candle Company, but seem to be more popular than ever, and there are many places online that you can purchase them. Some people have made it into home businesses, to create and sell them, and do very well once they establish their customer base. Below, I intend to share my reviews of tarts and melts for your benefit and my own. I enjoy trying them out on occasion, or grabbing some on a sale to try out new fragrances. If you have any that you have enjoyed, please feel free to share below.

The basic idea is to fragrance your living space without a flame, depending on the type of tart warmer you have. There is one kind where you do use a tea light candle in the lower portion of the tart warmer to generate the melting of the wax above it. I used to use these more, but I now prefer to use the warmer that you plug in. I worked in a store a while back where people came in a bought these tarts by the hand fulls. Over time with some favorite customers, we would talk about candles and tarts, and the advantages to both. Let me tell you, you have no idea how much some people love their candles and tarts! Its quite the market out there, and people want their homes to smell good and have a certain ambiance that creates a nice atmosphere. They like to indulge and enjoy their sense of smell, you could say!

Review for Asian Plum by Mia Melts

I was the happy recipient of a Mia Bella gift basket full of wonderful products which included Mia Melts gourmet fragrance.  When I first smelled Asian Plum, I wasn't sure I would like it, to be honest.  Its rather strong, and when I put it in my electric tart warmer, it was very very strong for a while at first.  The thing is, in a large enough room or house, this is  great thing.  A very small little melt, has lasted for hours and hours.

The scent died down some after the first several melts.  Keep in mind that when I turn theses on, I often leave them on for a few hours, so this little tart is really being tested.  Now, just when some other tarts usually lose their fragrance, this one keeps on going.  I would probably buy these again because of that, as its such a great value so I hope they never change their formula.  Its a very pleasant scent with a strong "throw." I would highly recommend it if you think you would like that kind of fragrance. 

Good Morning Fragrance Review, by Yankee Candle

I found a great buy on some melts at my local Hallmark Store when they went on sale a few months ago. I got some great smelling tarts and the fragrance was called "Good Morning." Basically, they smell like something sweet baking in the morning when you wake up, and you are wondering what that great smell is! If it were possible, add to this the smell of freshly squeezed orange juice! The smell reminds me in particular of some really great muffins that have a cinnamon spice crumbly mixture on top that are so yummy!

At any rate, I finally put one of them in my melter the other day, which is electric (so no flame), and the fragrance that it put off did not disappoint. The throw is pretty nice, it fills up the whole room and hallway with the fragrance, but not so overwhelming that my kids might think, "oh, mom is burning her candle stuff again!"

So I would recommend "Good Morning" very highly, and I am glad I bought them from Yankee Candle. One of the good (and sometimes not so good!) things about Yankee Candle is that they simply have so many wonderful fragrances that they continually change out. So keep an eye out for this one, it may be around, and if not it may come back to their treasures section, because I think it should and others surely would as well.

Farmhouse Apple, This is a winner!

Review for Yankee Candle's Farmhouse Apple Tart: I was very skeptical about this candle, as it was on a sale and could have been really old, for all I knew. I liked the scent of it through the wrapper though, and decided its a great time to try it. I got out my tart/melt warmer, and put a tea light in the bottom. Man, did I like this right off!! It has a lovely scent to it, and one that makes me feel happy, if that is possible lol. I have some kind of fond warm memories it seems to invoke, and burned it several times since that first time. Well, today I decided to try it again, and sniffed it again before I lit a new tea light in the bottom of the warmer. It didn't seem as strong, while in its solid state. I wondered if I needed to replace it. Well, again I was so happily surprised, because it has my whole master bedroom smelling wonderful, as I am typing this. Suffice it to say, this is both a great scent, and long lasting, and is a nice color as well. It can be burned anytime of the year I would imagine, but I think that in the fall may be the supreme time. Its great to burn it in January as well though. This one, I would definitely buy again.


Ocean Water Tart by Yankee Candle Company - Review

Well, I love the ocean and am a sucker for photos of it in any tropical setting especially. So this tart caught my eye of course! It smelled like a nice fresh scent. I now have a plug in, electric tart warmer, as opposed to the ones with a flame and using tea lights. I like that I have more control over the whole process, and no flame to worry about. You do need to be careful to not leave it on when you leave however, its still a risk.

This scent is described as "The cool scent of blue waters, exotic hibiscus, and musk", and I think that is a fair rendering in terms of a description. Its clean, fresh, fairly strong, rich, and exhilarating almost. Like a breeze blowing by when on hammock on vacation. While that may sound a bit sappy, its fun to think about at least, right? :) I am glad I tried this one.

Country Linen by Yankee Candle, Wax tart

I am currently burning a Country Linen Tart in my tart burner/melter. This fragrance reminds me of when I was young and clean clothes were hung on the line by my grandmother! Especcially when she used a pretty smelling fabric softener for the clothes and sheets. I have happy memories of running through the sheets, sunshine and wind blowing through them :)

This is a nice fragrance, with a strong throw to it. It makes a whole room smell lovely. Reminds me of a stronger fabric softener, with a lovely scent.


Over the River - Yankee Candle Co. Tart Review

This is a newer fragrance, and I was so excited to get it because it smells heavenly. When I started to melt the tart the other night I was very "wowed" by the intensity of the fragrance! The "throw" is very strong, so if you like that you will love this new fragrance.

I even turned off the electric warmer so it could tone down the intensity of the smell. I don't want anyone to get me wrong, because I love the smell of this fragrance. I think as it sits out, it will continue to give off its fragrant oils, and get a little less intense when I do melt it. You could have this pretty, light blue candle sitting out in a candle holder I bet, and it will give off some pretty scent here and there. Some of Yankee's candles do this, and I think this would be one of them. I would highly recommend this one.

I love the fragrance of cranberry in a candle or tart


Cranberry Chutney by Yankee Candle - Tart Review

I am still enjoying my tart warmer, and my latest new fragrance to try is Cranberry Chutney. It does remind me just what some cranberry chutneys smell like, though I am not sure that helps a reader of a review. I have been the one to make a few different cranberry recipes at Thanksgiving, and this does remind me of that though sweeter. You can get a hint of the cranberries for sure, orange, and more. It is described as having orange zest, rosemary, raisins and honey. I would say that it is accurate.

The intensity was strong, and smelled so good. It isn't lasting on and on, and is now fading, but it was a delightful scent all the same. I would recommend it and I might purchase it again. There are just so many good scents out there, and while I liked this, it isn't knocking me out. Try it though, at least once. The deep rich color is beautiful.

Vanilla Satin Wax Tart Review by Yankee Candle

I absolutely love this Vanilla Satin wax tart by Yankee Candle. It is hard to describe, but its not as sweet and bakery smelling as the other vanilla fragrances. I love those too, but this is a fun twist.

If you haven't tried this scent, I would definitely try it once. It is very pretty and classy smelling. A beautiful smelling vanilla fragrance that is very pleasing to the senses.

** Basic caution tips for wax melts are:  Use in well ventilated areas, be aware of all flames and never leave unattended. Do not add water, and don't put on a stove top.  Never let the flame of a tea light hit the actual pot you are melting in, and keep out of reach of children and pets. 

Have you ever melted wax tarts or chips in any kind of warmer?

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