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Freedom in choices

Updated on April 13, 2016

Time in a moment

Some told me once that the home was sacred, well they destroyed my Garden with the judgment they intended and that was nature. I would just offer that freedom was expensive. You know that no one ever said "Thank You trees for laying down your lives so that Bibles of magic could be made." I did and I cried. Is their a total cost in nature to the books totally sold in 2000 years of history? Including but not limited to the school pages, the play bills, the notes? I said that nature did create a way to save itself, the Internet reading and writing. It may not be a book to hold and some used it to damn my life, yet that was their nature. Some could have stole my ideas and turned it into hatred. I think that is the cost of freedom, I am free now in my own spirit and if they had done that then they know who really gave it to them.

All of the costs of Christianity were in "Sorted." That was truth about my life, all my beliefs and all the lines of truth I wrote, if you did not like it then that was your truth as well. I was the cost of my own freedom and that of my family, yet that family was huge. The entire Earth always did what it wanted, some preached, some sinned other's morality, some judged, some saved lives, some killed, some farmed, some laughed, some did not, some made movies, some had babies, some children died, some lived, some loved, and some shamed my life for the truth it was. I saved Christ, Budddha, and religions by forgiving righteousness and the damned. I loved the dead so much too, the dead religions. The internet was a place for me to share ideas and poetry, arts and then they harmed my words and it was for sport. It was a place to mingle to and meet people, now it is big brother and spies stealing ideas. I guess it was free too since I gave my life away, why not? It was my choice. It could collapse in a minute but then more trees would fall, and more books would be made deforesting the land without many to replace them, that is what they did once for Christians. They cut down forests and put a Bible in every hotel room in the best place, the drawer for the lonely. Many never looked. I already forgave everyone. I just think that the cost was the shame and judgment they will feel in their Heart when my SPIRIT leaves again and they wonder what happened to Father, oh yeah Mother woke up and she is not that nice. That would be not to my liking, the whole Earth was a freedom place. Like here.

Rules only when they applied to you, or when you got caught. Many people did in their bedrooms what every they wanted. They also made movies about sexual abused and tortured children and then got awards like Oscars for the movies. They then judged me or themselves for knowing my life, the life nature gave me. It was a blessed life, even here. I said I would be shamed in a Heaven of righteousness and then be the outcast for being true to my words and being in my true Heart forgiveness. I always forgave, and the nightmare of death was just a dream. I loved and when I didn't follow my dreams I was a coward, when I did a selfish man. When I spoke too much "tone" in my learned voice form education. When I was quiet, too much a coward. I could not win, not here either. It was like my grandmother said "Dumb smart." or "Damned if I do, damned if I don't." The truth always hurts and I will end up settling again, just for garbage. My freedom on the streets and they will be celebrities. Treated as royalty because they hated my life I would have them be everything, given homes and drivers, and all the luxuries they need. Minus my heart in their lives. Minus a Father that would have, seen the Heavens move for them. I will be gone anyways. I am sure they will torture my physical body and then I will be storm (123). They should have always have listened.

After 911 look what I said "people will throw their freedom at the government for security." That was what they did. I said this too " Christ would come as Satan (4) in the future saying, I am not responsible for the words man corrupted." I said it was forgiven in the sacrifice.

The freedom was always there to do what you wanted. I never disciplined my two daughter because their mother would have said, "I have to live with their behaviors." I knew she was the parent, "I let her make the rules." I would have been damned anyways. Now I have no children because they killed the magic in being a father. Those responsible will have to think about that in their Heart, I cannot anymore. It is over. Thank the being responsible for the first issue of freedom. You will never know who that was.

The other issue is hurt children needing a home. Who are we talking when even the righteous were innocent in doing God's work. Who stands before God and throws creation in the face. I would. For life was creation. One day I would be in storm and be the being I was meant to be without the trappings they would see on my Heart. Let them make it hurt to I had expected it to be all messed up anyways.

1234, those levels I already saw where they really were. Be warned that once it was penned too, they created Hell from a gentle wise man that had had a tragedy in the old India that it was. Not a nice country at one time, and there was much trade with the surrounding tribes. I think they were families fighting for land and rights, as often was the way in territory wars. He lost everything, that was why he left. Or saw that the were much like the men he had met in travels. I would say freedom to shame one, was the cost that they shamed the whole. It was not my intention to hurt them all, and yet they all needed to see the cost of what words do to the future, even mine. I can stand or sit in it though forever. Never minded the comedy cast. They played themselves and hopefully had fun.

The numbers do not mean anything other than the meaning I will be alone.


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    • Steven Lindquist profile image

      Steven Philip Lindquist and aliases in nature 21 months ago from Minneapolis, Minnesota United [divided] States of the Americas

      No more religions for this one, I moved past their need and I saw the truth of them all. Have a damn good time in Eternity.

    • Steven Lindquist profile image

      Steven Philip Lindquist and aliases in nature 21 months ago from Minneapolis, Minnesota United [divided] States of the Americas

      They had penned in all faiths, Hell to damn nature and then sold their "spirit garage for lumber, book covers, money printed." The trees won, they warned through out nature and they watched, in silent horror as the dead in them from mingled lines were whispering to the child's minds. They live in the lives, the dead matter in all the natures of life, that they are trapped now is the gift, to whisper their stories. Then know that the cost was their life force, to educate, to feel in houses, to kneel in houses that believed in Hell more than God, for God was all around and they judged creation.