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Freezer Bowl Ice Cream Maker: The Modern Incarnation of Homemade Ice Cream

Updated on October 15, 2012

Homemade Ice Cream Has Come a Long Way

The modern day incarnation of "dirty" ice cream is the freezer bowl ice cream maker.
The modern day incarnation of "dirty" ice cream is the freezer bowl ice cream maker. | Source

When it comes to picking the top five freezer bowl ice cream makers in the market, the Cuisinart brand leads the way with three of its model. Top pick honor easily goes to the Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence 2-quart automatic frozen yogurt, sorbet and ice cream maker. By using a wise combination of pre-freeze technology with other excellent features and an equally user-friendly price, the top of the line purveyor of creamy goodness manages to bring the freezer bowl concept to a new level.

But first, the freezer bowl concept needs to be defined properly in order to set the record straight as well as to provide a fair assessment of all competitors in tow. First of all, ice cream making is a growing trend. In the past few years alone, such interest has risen enough in the United States to make commercial ice cream makers wary.

It seems that consumers are moving towards a back-to-basics approach and are hesitating from buying the ready-made counterpart of America's favorite dessert. That the make-your-own technology has become relatively inexpensive with the advent of more portable food processors is certainly the major explanation for the big push. At the same time, the case for smaller refrigerators and freezers could well be providing added impetus to the freezer bowl concept.

Pre-freeze is an essential concept in the case for homemade ice cream. To make a sweet and frozen concoction from scratch in the comfort of one's home is definitely divine. However for the taste to rival a commercial brand, a portable machine needs to make the pre-freeze process as easy as possible that even the kids can do it.

With a freezer bowl that fits snugly in the average freezer, such a requirement is met with ease by all contestants. Any do-it-at-home ice cream lover can attest to the big difference the pre-freeze approach makes. The mix does not only end up tasting creamier, it is more importantly, yummier. Furthermore, in the event that there are any leftover, no matter how remote in most cases, the freezer bowl could be just as easily returned to fridge; no harm done.

Of course doing this will be defeating the purpose if the traditional process were sought after: Wooden bucket, straw-stored blocks of ice and at least half an hour of manual cranking. However, the fact remains that in this day and age, hardly any modern family can afford to spare the time. No matter how inexpensive such an approach to ice cream making can be, the major driver still is convenience, unless of course the goal is to go camping in the woods.

While the best Cuisinart sells for $77 in the open market, its distant cousin, the ICE-21R is only slightly inexpensive at $59. Of course the latter is much smaller and can only produce up to a one and a half quarts of the stuff, which is why it is not as popular. A rather stark departure from the two is the ICE-50BC, codenamed the Supreme Ice Cream Maker.

It is still very much a freezer bowl variant although the body of the machine is bigger and its price definitely not inexpensive at $235. Quite a big jump from the other two, but consider that this pre-freeze proponent is meant for heavy duty functions such as a large family or even a party. And now for the fourth and fifth runners-up of the non-Cuisinart variety, there is the Whynter ICM-15LS for $255 and the DeLonghi GM6000 at $249, respectively.

Definitely, three models are not inexpensive; nonetheless they can be counted upon for big gatherings like an office party, giving the host the opportunity to showcase his or her freezer-bowl dexterity for all to see. Judging from the demand that all five candidates are getting these days, the pre-freeze concept of home ice cream making seems here to stay.


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    • coffeegginmyrice profile image

      Marites Mabugat-Simbajon 

      5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      I love ice cream and I have two or three tubs, I mean hubs about it too ('bout the ice cream man). My sister has an ice cream maker in the Philippines for her kids, I wonder how come I don't have one here? Well, well, well, I'll just by them in different flavours, minus the labour and just go dig in and scoop up. That will give me my sweet/cold appetite and senses still stored in until a bowl is ready to be out.

      Do you make your own homemade ice cream? I do homemade ice candies, lol. Still my favourite ice cream flavours will always be the tropical ones...Ube "Purple Yam", Mango, Coconut and Avocado, Fruit Salad, and Jackfruit.

      Thank you Richie! p.s. Your wrote your profile with humour. It is funny! I enjoyed it.


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