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Freezer Jams Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

Updated on May 15, 2009

Freezer Jams Best Jams Around

While many people will enjoy being able to go to the U-pick sites for blueberries, blackberries and raspberries they will only be able to enjoy them for a short while before the berries start to go bad. However, if you decide that you want to keep the berries for a little bit longer you might freeze them as a whole, or if you are really ambitious you can decide to do what I have done and discover the wonderful benefits of making your own freezer jam.

The first benefit that I have found of making my own freezer jam is that I am able to enjoy the fruits that I picked during the summer months all year long. However, for some people being able to enjoy them not in berry form will not be as rewarding, but still I know for me that the freezer jams that I make are great on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  For those that like the berries though as being whole they will enjoy just freezing the berries, but I know that for some of the berries they will not last as long in the whole form compared to a freezer jam.

The second benefit that I have found with freezer jam is that it allows my kids to get involved in saving some of the items that we harvest as a family. So with them being involved it is teaching them the importance and need to save items in a variety of ways. I will warn you though that if you are going to have your kids involved in freezer jams you will want to spread out paper towels or newspaper on your table or whatever you are trying to protect so that they do not get wild and make a mess while crushing the berries by hand.

The third benefit of freezer jams is that you will know exactly what is going in and will be able to control the amount of sugar that is inside the jams as well. I know that for some people they will want to sweeten the jam, or take the sugar out or in half. So with the freezer jam since you are going to be making it you will know exactly how much of what is going in each batch you make as well as what each item is.

While many people will pick their own berries and keep them for a short time or only pick enough to last them a week or two others will pick way more than they could eat. However, here are the benefits of taking your excess berries and turning them into a freezer jam that you can enjoy for a lengthy period of time.


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