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From King’s Court to Common Patios the Tub Chair is Classic

Updated on July 10, 2010

Tub chairs have long been indispensable components in living, porch and dining room settings where comfort and style reign. In fact, their semi-circular look possibly dates to the fashionable court of Louis XIV, the French, 17th century monarch fondly remembered for his exacting sense of beauty.

This style of seating curves around the body to create a feeling of engulfing comfort, and the low curving arm rests contribute to the ergonomics that have preserved the tub chair in its variations down through the centuries. The very versatility of this kind of seating is the other factor that perpetuates its popularity in all kinds of environments.

This style makes itself at home in an outdoor furniture grouping, a formal living room, as well as a conference area. Natural or weather-proof wickers are attractive furnishings that are popular for use on patios or covered porches. Adding some potted palms or a market umbrella will infuse your urban landscape with the feel of Marrakesh or other exotic scenes.

In a business environment, you can put your clients at ease in a conference area furnished with swivel tub chairs to create a comfortable atmosphere that facilitates direct communication between participants. They can lean back in comfort, rest their arms and relax, making for a more productive and friendlier meeting.

Your formal living room can exude a sense of decorum yet still be welcoming to guests with intimate groupings as well as single-use areas for reading and relaxation. Fabric tub chairs with well-padded upholstering, together with a table for cocktails and some ambient lighting, creates an intimate space where you and your spouse can share news and events of your day. A single, softly curved and padded tub chair next to a reading lamp may easily become your favorite place to relax.

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With so many versions on the market, you can easily find those that fit your needs and budget for such casual areas as the family recreation room. You might want to reconsider purchasing bean bag chairs that spring leaks and may not be so comfortable to some of your more mature guests. You can find real seating in a variety of colors and materials that will endure television marathons and all-hours video gaming while providing ergonomically beneficial support for all your family members.

This curved seat easily fits the bill for the dining room, too. Whether you place one at either end of your table with straight-backed seats along the sides, or whether you furnish the room with a more casual grouping such as a round table with armchair seating all around, you and your guests will stay comfortably accommodated long after dessert is finished in such a setting.

One of the best indications of a classic is its adaptability to ever-changing needs and environments. As a basic, yet versatile furnishing style, the tub chair can certainly claim its status as a true classic.


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