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From Safety To Sanitizing-Exploring The Benefits Of Steam Cleaning

Updated on September 14, 2010

In years past, when it came to cleaning homes and killing germs, bleach seemed to be the only solution, even if it gave off a horrible odor, caused children to become ill and harmed the environment. People who rallied for environmentally friendly options were considered odd or to be more concerned about trees and the ozone layer than their dirty homes.

Since times have changed, cleaning products have evolved and now green floor cleaners work efficiently without requiring strong chemicals. Folks in today's world throw out the old mop and heavy bucket that made cleaning hard surface floors a daunting task. Steam cleaning offers the perfect way to sanitize floors without sacrificing performance.

A green floor cleaner is designed to handle virtually all hard floor surfaces, not only hardwood floors. Steam disinfects tile, quality laminates and other sealed surfaces. It is not recommended for waxed floors or those that aren't sealed since steam cleaning might diminish the shine. Manufacturers suggest that consumers test a small spot that's not noticeable or check with the floor's manufacturer before using a green floor cleaner on these types of surfaces. Even though steam cleaning effectively and easily disinfects hard floor surfaces, it's not the ideal method for carpet.  While it gets rid of bacteria and dust from carpet, steam can leave stains behind.

Steam Cleaning Is Environmentally Friendly

Going green appears to be more than a passing fad. More and more people are buying automobiles that are hybrids or run totally on electricity or other natural resources. Also, many local governments now provide pick up services for recyclable trash. While some may think this is only a ploy to get consumers to buy new environmentally friendly items and spend money they don't really have, implementing natural, chemical-free items can contribute to better health as well as the environment.

Green floor cleaners, for example, are now accessible to everyone. They come in many different types, from the straightforward designs to the more complicated models. Steam cleaning promises to be a guaranteed, effective technique to disinfect hard surface floors without strong chemicals. Steam cleaning only requires water to thoroughly clean dirty floors. A green floor cleaner works tirelessly to eliminate grime and dirt while killing germs much more efficiently than the traditional mop and bucket. Offering the best way to sanitize floors without releasing toxins into the air, green floor cleaners are simple, lightweight and remove germs and bacteria. Without much elbow grease, these products lift up debris and muck that seems to be saturated deep into the floor.

Safe for Children and Babies

Because babies and young children are mostly limited to about a foot above the ground, they spend a large portion of their time on the floor. A baby's activities consist primarily of lying, crawling and sitting on the floor. Since parents desire to keep their children safe, they should strongly consider what they use the clean their home. A steam floor cleaner will disinfect the parts of the home children are on most of the day. While most machines kill germs, they also use chemicals that can be detrimental to babies and children. Cleaning with items like a green floor cleaner that doesn't give off harmful toxins or residue should be a main concern for all parents.

Steam Cleaning Kills Germs

Babies and toddlers use their tiny hands to grab anything they can and stick it into their mouths. This oral fixation even extends to many older children who know they shouldn't put objects in their mouths. Since toys and just about anything else get touched by slimy fingers that have been in babies' mouths, germs spread extremely fast from family member to family member. The bacteria can also affect others who don't live in the home. Visitors trust that the location is safe for their youngsters when they bring their precious cargo into a home. Although the hostess probably completely sanitized her home before friends and family arrived, if she used harsh chemicals or a product that releases toxins into the air, she may have created a harmful environment for her company. To be certain a floor is thoroughly cleansed without adding strong residues, use a green floor cleaner. Steam cleaning is proven to be safe for children and babies as it kills germs and gets rid of filth and grime. Since a green floor cleaner only needs water to eliminate dirt and bacteria, a clean smell and shine are the only things left on the floor. This lets mothers put their babies and children, along with visiting youngsters, on the floor without any worry for their safety.

Even though mothers used to reach for bleach and other strong chemicals to kill harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses and fungi in their homes, doctors now state that these solutions present many potentially harmful toxins that can aggravate the respiratory system and the mucous membranes. For children with allergies and asthma, which is the main source of chronic illness in children, harsh fumes can greatly increase their symptoms and discomfort. Currently, as much as 10 to 12 percent of children struggle with asthma. Sadly, the number of affected youngsters is consistently growing. Experts feel that this increase is caused by children being exposed to more and more allergens, toxins and other harmful chemicals. Instead of bleach or other strong solutions, opt for gentler alternatives like steam cleaning. A green floor cleaner will keep children breathing clearly while sanitizing floors and ridding a home of bacteria and dirt.

A Green Floor Cleaner Saves Money

Along with protecting children's health, steam cleaning saves money by utilizing normal tap water to wash the dirtiest floors with barely any effort. Just by plugging in the green floor cleaner, the heating process will start and within minutes, steam will be produced to lift up ground in dirt and residue from the floors. The flash system housed inside the green floor cleaner converts water to steam without a boiler. This prevents burns from the built up pressure of the steam when the nozzle is removed. Because no chemicals are needed for steam cleaning, money is saved from having to frequently buy a specific cleaning solution. Even though the green floor cleaner uses cleaning pads, inexpensive washable pads can be purchased or terry cloth towels or even old t-shirts can substitute as a cleaning pad. While other machines have been put on the market to replace the mop and bucket, they typically involve disposable pads that must be purchased regularly.

Another significant way to cut down on household costs is to purchase products with multiple functions. A green floor cleaner that also converts to a hand steamer will save money by working, not only on floors, but also on clothes, mattresses, furniture and more. By changing the unit into a hand held steamer, wrinkles can instantly disappear from a whole family's wardrobe. The squeegee hand tool quickly cleans windows and mirrors. With the garment attachment, curtains are cleaned and mattresses refreshed. The nylon, three brush set deals with almost any dirty hard surface in a home. The large brush gives wide coverage for disinfecting marble countertops, grimy tile and stained grout lines. For tight spaces, the triangle and detail head brushes tackle the impossible to reach spots. The wire brush was designed to take the backbreaking work out of really tough jobs and can even make golf clubs look like new again. Remove wallpaper hassle free with the scraper nozzle that cuts this exhausting job in half. Also, steam can be directed right into nasty cracks and corners using the direct jet nozzle.

Businesses Benefit from Steam Cleaning

Even businesses can see profits increase with steam cleaning. While many city offices are making businesses go green to improve the environment, some owners see this policy as an extra inconvenience that will just cost them money. However, others see it as a way to actually cut down on cost, gain the attention of new clients and become publicly conscientious.

A simple way to practice environmentally-friendly and energy efficient business techniques is to purchase a green floor cleaner. This safe for the environment product uses only water to sanitize hard surface floors. By replacing the stand by mop and bucket with steam cleaning, companies keep money in the bank and conserve resources. A green floor cleaner uses washable cleaning pads or even an old t-shirt rather than costly disposable pads for cleaning pads. With certain machines, chemical solutions must be bought often and mops become useless and must be swapped with a new one. A green floor cleaner will handle many uses and years of tackling tough jobs.

Another definite way for a business to help the environment and save money at the same time is by purchasing only biodegradable chemicals for cleaning and manufacturing. Natural and non-toxic solutions keep air quality high in a place of business. Chemical cleaning solutions emit toxins that are invisible to the naked eye. However, breathing in these aromas can intensify allergies, asthma and bring on sicknesses. Steam cleaning floors assures disinfected hard surface floors minus the residues and toxins that can remain.

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