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From Then To Now

Updated on September 17, 2011

Now I stand old and gray, then seemed now ,so far away.. Is this old lady really me? I ask my self, how can it be?

Ghostly figures won't go away, they take me back to yesterday, Dancing swaying, in my mind, bring me to another time.. A little girl sits on a swing, wonders what her life will bring, looking closer, I then see, the little girl I see is me..My hopes and dreams then lay ahead,,now just memories instead...Looking back,,It's clear to see, time has been my enemy, Day by day it passes fast,now my dreams live in the past,Then my fate not yet known .Now the life I've lived is shown. Roads I've chose, Choices I've made, led to where I am today...From then, the place I started from, to now this far my life has come. like smoke slowly fades away,,time has took my youth away,


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