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Tips From the Garden of a Lazy Green Thumb

Updated on November 10, 2012
Vegetable garden at Ham House Estate
Vegetable garden at Ham House Estate | Source

The Lazy Way to Have a Great Garden

Gardening is a great hobby. You get to help things grow. And, once the plants start producing, you either have lovely flowers to look at or delicious food to eat. But, who wants to put a lot of work into it? It is hot and humid outside during the summer months, when the plants grow so well. So, do what I do, be lazy and still have a great garden.

All plants need water. But, if they are wet when the sun is pounding down on them, they will still wilt. It is as if they are in a pot of boiling water. The water gets hot and cooks the plants. Water your plants before the sun is fully up or after the sun has gone down, but it is still light outside. The plants can then use the water to replenish themselves if you water them in the evening. Or, they will absorb the water in preparation for a hot, steamy day if you water them in the morning. If you live in a hot climate, water them morning and evening. It is not that much work when the sun is not out. Get a garden sprinkler and all you have to do is go out and turn the water spigot on. Then, wait at least thirty minutes and go out and turn it off. What could be easier?

As far as fertilizing goes, there is an easy way to do that, as well. I have been told that the best way to fertilize is to put piles of the fertilizer down the rows and once a week pull a bit of the fertilizer close to the plant and work it into the ground. That is a lot of work. I have no desire to be in the garden long enough to work fertilizer into the ground around each of my vegetable plants. Use a teaspoon or other small measuring device and once a week put a small amount of fertilizer at the base of each plant before you water the garden. It has the same effect, because the water will wash the nutrients into the ground close enough to the plant that it can absorb them. And, there is none of that working into the ground nonsense.

Weeding is another thing I have a problem with, for two reasons. It is hard work to keep all the weeds out of your garden. And, no matter how many times you pull them up, they always come back. So, here is my solution. Let them grow until they are at least a foot high. Then, pull them up by the hand-full. And, lay the pulled weeds on the ground around the garden plants. They will dry out and eventually blend into the soil that your garden vegetables are growing from. And, so will all the nutrients they stole from your garden while they were growing. They become compost for your garden.

So, there are solutions to the three most tiresome gardening tasks. Yes, you will have to put a little work into your garden to get the delicious veggies. But, if you do it the lazy way, you will not have to work nearly as hard as your neighbor. And, you will get just as much produce from your garden as they do. You will just have more time to enjoy the produce.


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  • weestro profile image

    Pete Fanning 6 years ago from Virginia

    Good advice for us part time gardeners!!