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Front Load Washers; Facts to know before you buy.

Updated on April 24, 2015
Love the Look of a Front-Loader
Love the Look of a Front-Loader

The new front-load washer look great! There are a few draw backs that should be considered no matter how great the unit looks.

Front-Load Washers are so popular they’re probably here to stay. Here are some features you may want to consider before making that purchase based on problems I should have considered.

Do you move often?

· Do you plan on staying in the same house for a long time? If not, consider any configuration problems. The washer/dryer units are stackable which is great, but tall spaces are not always there, especially in older, smaller homes. The doors may have to be changed in order for the doors to open in a direction to move laundry easily from the washer to dryer. Newer homes have larger laundry rooms which usually makes situating the units easy. The hot/cold water faucets usually will make the placement automatic.

If purchasing a home, take the following into consideration. If you rent, some apartments have great laundry rooms, but it usually depends on the age and rental price.

· Many older homes have long laundry closets with doors. The doors may have to be moved out. Some of these washers are deeper than the laundry room’s design. If there is someone handy that can move the door track out easily, you have it made. Remember too that the laundry room will probably be tiled and the hallway may be carpeted. The carpet and threshold strip may have to be adjusted.

· The first two items are not usually too difficult for a handy person, but remember all the other activities and set-ups that come with moving.

These are items that must be attended to before, during, and after a move.

· The washer comes with a moving kit that must be installed before moving to keep the drum in the proper position. This will also have to be removed in the new location. This may be a two-person job. Most users will want their washers working quickly.

· Also, a level is a must have tool. Once the washer is in its new home, balance the unit first using the adjustable feet and level. The drum will not rotate properly during the washing cycle and may cause damage to the drum if not perfectly balanced.

· Then there is the moldy smell that comes along with the front-load washer.

1. It is important to leave the door open to let excess moisture evaporate before shutting the door. Running an empty washer with a cup of vinegar seems to help clean the drum, seal, and neutralizes the smell. (Remember the hallway laundry room)? If your laundry area is in the hallway, will leaving the door open for a while present a problem when walking pass the open door?

2. It is advisable to run an old rag around the inside lip of the door seal. Maybe daily, if used for a large family. It should be part of the laundry routine. If not, the mold that grows there, even when removed, may leave a stain on the seal. The owners may be the only people to see it, but no one wants a new appliance looking like an old one.

RPMs - revolution per minute.

· RPMs may be the biggest surprise to new users. If the washer is used on the first floor it is not an issue, but those with an upstairs laundry will notice the spin cycle each time the machine is left on the default settings. Sometimes the noise and vibrations are a little scary. There shouldn’t be a lot of vibration if properly balanced, but no matter what the manufacturers tell you there seems to be a little noise even when properly balanced.

Taking the Good with the Bad.

In the store, the new top loaders just didn't wow me. The front loaders did. I guess that's why they are put side by side.

All that being said they are great washers for large families. Some of the high rated washers don’t have a small load setting, so they live up to the name large capacity.

If you are still moving around the country, looking for the next great job, or haven’t started a family yet, you might want to consider the moving issues that come with the front loaders.


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    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I had a front load washer and when we purchased it we were not made aware of the fact that you must use a specific detergent front load washers. After a few years the washer broke down and it would have cost more to have it repaired than to purchase a new one.

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