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Are Front Load Washing Machines Better than Top Load?

Updated on January 26, 2014

Why You Should Own a Front Load Washing Machine

Earlier this year my old washer gave out and I was faced with an unwelcome expense, I needed a new washing machine! I had seen the front load washing machines advertised in the newspaper practically every week. So I began my research – should I purchase a front loading washing machine or a conventional top loading washing machine?

I bought an LG Electronics Front Loading Washing Machine… I’ll tell you why I picked LG a bit further down… keep reading.

Choosing a front loading washer was not an easy decision as there are quite a few differences between them besides just the higher cost. Top loaders are generally cheaper when you match feature to feature.

The Benefits of Front Loading Washing Machines

Less water is used during a cycle. So much less that at first you actually wonder how your clothes can get clean with such a small amount of water? The secret of course is the old dirty water is expelled and fresh clean water replaces it. Not true with a conventional machine where the same load uses the same water until it it drained before the rinse cycle.

Lower Power Consumption – amazing how little power a front loader will use; they do not have to move all that water!

Much Quieter – if properly installed and leveled front loading washing machines can be extremely quiet!

High Spin Speeds – simply stated more water is spun out of your clothes so there is less work for the dryer to do and they dry faster.

Easy on clothes – the agitator arm in a conventional washing machine will sometimes grab loose clothing and twist and/or tear it. This doesn’t happen in a Front loader because the clothes just fall from the force of gravity which is more gentle on your clothing.

More Capacity per sq. ft. – because there is no agitator in the center of the front loader machine you can put in more clothes per wash saving time. There are a few top loading washing machines that do not have an agitator bar, but the reviews I read about them were not that great and they cost as much as front loaders in the same class.

Energy Company Rebates – You may be eligible for Federal, State, Local or Power Company rebates! This is a good deal so ask your retailer!

Less Detergent – This is a plus and a minus. Good for the environment, and should save you money except the recommended He Detergents generally cost more*

The Downside to Front Loading Washing Machines

Vibration – because of the high spin speeds your washer needs to be installed on a flat level surface. If you do not have a flat level surface your machine may “walk” and cause all kinds of problems. Generally a concrete floor is best.

Dropping Clothes – It’s easy to drop clean clothes on the floor as you pull them out of your washing machine.

Mold, Mildew, Bacteria in Seals. While researching the brand of front loading washing machine you want to purchase make sure you find out about water collecting in the seals. You need to wipe the seals and keep the door open so that they inside of your washing machine can dry out. If your washer is in a high traffic area (between the garage and your kitchen for example) a front loader may not be a good choice because people will walk into the open doors. This might be the biggest downside to front loading machines. You also need to follow the manufacturer’s directions on cleaning the interior of your washer.

Cost – Yes, they generally cost more.

*He detergents are specially formulated for use in Front Loading machines. The He detergent does two things:

  1. It is low suds which is necessary for the amount of water
  2. It is “High Efficiency” … meaning a small amount is formulated to work with low water levels for maximum cleaning.

You do not want to use non He detergents in your front loading washer because they may over suds and you clothes will not rinse properly. Think of it like this… a front loader is like a car that needs premium fuel (He Detergent) where as a conventional washing machine runs on regular unleaded (Regular Detergent). Make sense?

I Own an LG Front Loader...

Model: LG Electronics WM2016W

This is the most popular front Loading LG Electronics manufactures for good reason – a lot of features for the money. It was also at the time I purchased it one of the Top 10 Front Loading Washing Machines reviewed by Consumer Reports.

LG WM2016W Benefits: Stackable, Direct Drive, SenseClean Technology automatically adjusts water levels based on load size and weight, very simple operatation, LoDecibel Quiet Operation, 3.6 cu.l ft., Energy Star Complaint, Front Controls, NeverRust Stainless Steel Drum.

I couldn’t see any reason to spend any more as this washer has it all except for a steam setting.

My Choice for Front Load Washing Machine

The Very Popular LG Electronics WM2016W Front Load Washing Machine
The Very Popular LG Electronics WM2016W Front Load Washing Machine


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  • MikeNV profile image

    MikeNV 7 years ago from Henderson, NV

    Gail you are entirely wrong in your assessment. This has been PROVEN over and over by researchers. Front loading machines make cleaner clothes as your clothes are not constantly sloshed around in the same dirty water. The key to all washing machines is using the correct cycle, temperature and most importantly the correct amount of quality washing detergent.

    I own an LG Front Loading washer and my clothes have never been cleaner. I am amazed at how little water is used, and that my power bill is lower.

    A lot of people like to blame their pans when they burn a meal. It's not the pan it's the cook.

  • profile image

    Gail 7 years ago

    I recently bought a LG front loading washer and dryer. The dryer I have no problems with but the washer is the problem.My cloths are not coming out clean, I have to constantly pre spray stains over and over again. All my towels and whites are dingy,socks look dirty.I usually have to wash anthing that comes out with a stain 3 times over and more.As far as I'm concerned cloths need lots of water to be cleaned,not the little but that is used in this energy efficient that isn"t really efficient when I have to be constantly rewashing the cloths that are coming out not clean.I never had this problem with my conventionlly top loader. I wish I had not bought this washer.I would trade it in a second for a normal top loader.

  • ethan is cool profile image

    ethan is cool 7 years ago

    i love my font loader to its my laundry world helper

    were was front loaders 10 years ago

  • free4india profile image

    free4india 8 years ago

    you will be surprised as you are going to get a lot of traffic from my website.... i have linked to this hub..... :)

  • MikeNV profile image

    MikeNV 8 years ago from Henderson, NV

    A lot if the machines are stackable which puts the dryer right at eye level. Very convenient. And you can build your own platform to raise the machine as high as you want. I boosted mine up and now I can reach right in and no agitator in the way. They also make He Top loaders.

  • profile image

    mothership85 8 years ago

    I think i'm the only person who wants both machines top load, as inefficient as that would be, i'm 6'3" and don't want to bend down that far and reach in. And those little expensive boosters that attach to the bottom won't help either. What they need to do is get on the ball and get a machine that does both wash and dry in the same drum.

  • Helen Cater profile image

    Helen Cater 8 years ago from UK

    I own a front load washing machine, but whilst on vacation in the states used a top load. Not for me I am afraid but I suppose it's what your used to.