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Front yard landscaping pictures

Updated on May 17, 2013

Are planning to create a new landscaping for your front yard?

Here are some pictures of front yard landscaping. You can took some ideas from this beautiful landscapes.

One day I hope to that my front yard look like one of these ;)

The value of the landscaping

If you have an asset outside of your home, a beautiful design can increase the price of the property up to 15%.

Today the elements that occupy the area outside of homes, condominiums and penthouses go far beyond the garden. Natural waterfall, pergola, hot tub, fountain, reflecting pools, spa, Olympic streak, fruit trees, exotic plants are transforming the backyard into a valuable asset, whose expenses reach $ 500 to a thousand. The good news is that, increasingly, these expenses can be called investment. In Brazil, the demand for properties with external area grew 50% last year. Increased demand, higher prices. A landscape design, and help in negotiating the property may result in recovery of charges which may vary between 10% and 15%.

Front yard landscaping pictures
Front yard landscaping pictures
Front yard landscape
Front yard landscape

Inside or outside, the green spaces are gaining more and more importance.

However, for lack of time or for not knowing how to deal with plants, some people give up from having plants at home or, if they have, they end up being abandoned. One way to solve the problem is to order the landscaping service. They rely on teams of technicians and skilled gardeners to create gardens from simple, consisting only of vessels, and sophisticated, with a pond, pergola and a beautiful lawn.

Before you hire the service, it is important to check with other clients of the company if they are happy with the service provided. Also make sure that the company has a technical team with the required formation.

Landscaping transforms homes and buildings with green spaces planned

Green spaces are important in the home or building where we live or work. It is a place to breathe, relax, play. Transforming these spaces in an unforgettable setting is the function of the landscape. "Before anything, we must remember that a landscaper is not the gardener.

The professional who takes care of landscaping conversation with the customer has to know what kind of project he wants to do, the goal of that area. With this he can give the environment a pleasant feeling connected to nature, inside or outside the home. He also notes the growth of trees on site, how that landscape will be in the future. The landscape develops a spirit of compliance time to do the projects.


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