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Frost Gaurd Garden Plant Protector

Updated on December 23, 2011

FrostGuard Garden Plant Frost Protector

This exciting new breakthrough for gardeners allows earlier garden plantings and late fall frost protection of mature producing plants. Just imagine having a month jump start on the planting season and another month at the end of your normal garden season. Take the stress out of worrying about when the last frost will occur before setting out your tender vegetable plants, or when to cover for a potential early fall frost.

Gardeners who have used FrostGuard note more robust and quicker growing plants next to ones they didn’t use FrostGuard on.

S.W. of Fredericksburg, Ohio writes “ I was so impressed with your FrostGaurds. I planted three head of lettuce under FrostGuards and three without. The ones with FrostGuards were twice as tall and ready two weeks earlier with no waste”.

As the cost of plants and more unpredictable weather patterns increase, gardening is becoming a risky annual adventure. Milk jugs, styrofoam covers, and blankets have been used for years for frost protection. If the wind and rain doesn’t create havoc, just leave the cover on a bit too long during the morning and end up baking your plants. Blankets become wet with a heavy dew or frost, and then drying them out before it rains is always a challenge. Styrofoam covers used on rose plants break easily, and are very expensive to replace every time one becomes damaged.

FrostGuard is made from high quality polyethylene. FrostGuard is designed to easily stack for storage without creating an air lock for easy separation. The bases are designed to be staked down to protect in windy conditions. FrostGuard provides years of frost protection at a relative low initial cost.

The FrostGuard white translucent cover allows sunlight, yet not enough to burn your plants. Adjustable vents on top enable temperature and humidity control. The screened ventilation system keeps pests such as slugs, worms, birds, and aphids from infesting the plants, so FrostGaurd provides protection all around, making organic gardening easier. The tops remove easily for watering, yet watering needs are less when the moister is trapped and controlled humidity.

FrostGaurd measures 15” tall and 13” wide at the base.

FrostGaurd is an Amish made product and although it has been used in the Amish communities only two companies now offer it on line. Cottage Craft Works is one of those companies and you can purchase FrostGaurd at


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