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Fruit Cage Netting

Updated on March 28, 2010

Fruits offer a healthy diet and are part of the recommended balanced diet. Should you be through with adding fruit to the regular meals in your family or simply enjoy the fruit to the fullest you may consider growing them in your own garden. If you grow your own vegetables and fruits you can be sure that they are of the specie you chose them to be and contain just the thing you add to the soil and use for pest control.

Most fruit orchards lose most of their fruits to pest birds but it doesn't have to be that way in yours as well. Birds are the number one danger to any berries and small fruits so thinking ahead might pay off sooner than you would think. Fruit nets offer a cheap and effective solution to the problem and will help you tremendously to keep birds you want outside of your premises.

Fruit Netting with ... Flowers
Fruit Netting with ... Flowers

Fruit cage netting is a popular solution as the cage is light weight and easy to install so is the netting you choose. There is usually a door you can use to walk in to this cage and maintain your crops.

The government and companies that need to keep birds away from their premises, like plane hangars, transportation hubs or buildings of the kindergarten use heavy duty, permanent nettings. These are high density polyethylene nets designed to be installed in high altitudes and to keep away just about anything that flies and likes to sit on the edges of a building.

These heavy duty nets are able to withstand even 45 pounds of thrust without suffering damage and are flame and heat resistant. They also are conditioned against UV light, the number one enemy of any plastic installment.

In your fruit cage netting setup you probably don't have to use these high density nets but you can always opt for it if you suspect it is being damaged by birds. The other option is extruded polyethylene or polypropylene. It gives light weight nets that are perfectly fine against most bird species but wont last for too long. These are often meant for a year and then you have to replace them with another round of net.

Mesh size is important when you choose your fruit nettings, because it is the variable that keeps the birds out and lets pollinating bugs in. For small berry bushes a 1/2" to 1" mesh size net is perfectly fine as it will allow for natural airflow, let insects pass without ever noticing it but even smaller birds are kept out without the risk of trapping them inside.

Larger mesh sizes are often used above garden ponds to keep away birds that prey on fishes in these ponds, but lets fishes pass them without a problem.

Color of the net is also point of interest if you plan on installing a permanent net cage. Black is the most often used and most popular color as it is barely noticeable and is naturally UV resistant, doesn't show dust and dirt and costs the same as other colors.

If you want to have something special, something more than a simple walk-in fruit cage netting it's highly recommended to check with a professional. Most professionals and companies in this business offer installation services, which you may want to use if there is any risk involved.

Photo used is taken by Percita


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