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Fungus in Lawn

Updated on August 15, 2011

Fungus in Lawn

Green Lawn Fungus Damage Treatment

Lawn Care Tips : How to Remove Grass Fungus

Spectracide Solutions: Lawn Disease

Fungus in Lawn

There are several funguses that live in lawns. Many of the fungus diseases can be serious and harmful especially to plants. Fungus isn’t easy to remove and requires some work to help get rid of fungus fast. There could be various causes of fungus such as dying plants, spots on leaves, root system, damp temperatures and leaf colour. Let us read more about the fungus you are likely to find in lawns.

Fungus in Lawn: List of Lawn Diseases

Fungus in Lawn: List of Lawn Diseases

· Leaf Spot

· Fusarium Blight

· Necrotic Ring Spot

· Rhizoctonia Yellow Patch

· Summer Patch

· Sclerotinia Dollar Spot

· Rhizoctonia Blight

· Powdery Mildew

· Typhula Blight

· Fusarium Patch

· Rust

· Stripe Smut

· Red Thread

· Phythium Blight

· Fire Blight

· Mushrooms

Fungus in Lawn: Fungus Treatment

Fungus in Lawn: Fungus Treatment

The best time to use any fungus treatment is during the early growing season when the infection hasn’t started. If you apply the fungus treatment early enough, you can totally reduce the growth of fungus. The fungicide could help so much that you can even water your plants when the weather turns dry without having to worry about the outbreak of fungus in lawn. However, be careful not to exceed the maximum application of the fungus treatment or you might end up killing some of the lawn grass. On the other hand, don’t use less than the recommended dosage of the fungus treatment because may actually work less against the fungus.

Fungus in Lawn: Lawn Treatment Companies

Fungus in Lawn: Lawn Treatment Companies

1) Greenthumb Lawn Service

This particular company was the first ever lawn care company to operate in the UK. They are celebrating an anniversary of 25 years this year and are the largest and most recommended lawn care company with over 200 branches nationwide. The company carries out an extraordinary 2 million lawn treatments a year. Thousands of customers are satisfied by their service every month with the latest lawn care technology from around the world. Greenthumb might well be one of those lawn treatment companies you are looking for.

Lawn Fertilizers

Lawn Fertilizers

If you need a nice looking lawn with healthy soil, lawn fertilizers are certainly required. This is because all soil types eventually lose their nutrients over a few years which can therefore cause your lawn to die away. There are many opinions as to when you need to fertilizer your lawn. But the best time to fertilizer the lawn is during spring and autumn for cool grasses while warm grasses need fertilizing in the late spring. Nevertheless, let us have a look at some lawn fertilizers that would help you improve your soils nutrients once more.

Clay Soil

· Use in spring and summer if you need to

· Gentle growth for one season

· 2-3 months worth of feeding

· Suitable for application after rain or before

· Ideal for summer treatment

· Safe for children and pets

Sandy Soil

· 2-3 months worth of feeding

· Suitable for use in spring and summer

· Great growing grass for one season


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