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Garden Gnomes - Company in the Garden

Updated on August 3, 2017
johnr54 profile image

Who doesn't love some fun in the garden or backyard? These gnomes will make you chuckle every time you walk past one of them.

Gnome Popularity Is Growing

Garden gnomes are quite popular in gardens and yards these days, and some of the most popular are gnomes in some strange and unconventional positions, hence the photo on the right. Here is a little background on where garden gnomes originated, and a look at some of the funny garden gnomes you can buy today.

History of Garden Gnomes

Garden gnomes have become a staple of yards and gardens everywhere. Where did they come from and why are they so popular? Everywhere you look today, gnomes and other fairy tale creatures are making appearances. They have shown up in movies and popular literature. They are often described as being pesky guests that are known for being clever and deceiving giving them a bad rap. To understand why gnomes are such a big part of our culture today, it is important to know where they came from and how they became a popular item to have in one's garden or yard decor.

A Gnome Keeping Our Herb Garden in Check

Legend and Folklore

The legend of gnomes goes all the way back to a collective memory of Western and European folklore. The Brothers Grimm did a short series called 'The Gnome' and talked about the lives of gnomes in general. The essence of this short series is that gnomes have both good and bad sides to them. The most famous of these stories is that clothing is given to two gnomes and they decide to help a cobbler and his spouse for the rest of their little lives. This is one reason why gardens and gnomes are so intertwined. These stories frequently told how gnomes would help in the gardens and were very skilled with plants and nurturing the earth. Once these stories became mainstream, a man by the name of Phillip Griebel decided to enhance the history of garden gnomes by manufacturing small terra cotta gnomes for the gardens of people in the city of Graefenroda, Germany. This happened in the early nineteenth century and quickly became very popular in gardens across the entire continent. They were then eventually taken over to England by Sir Charles Isham in 1847. These original lawn gnomes are extremely expensive to buy and are usually on display by different museums throughout Europe.

Gnome Production

As far as production goes, gnomes used to be produced all over Europe but then concentrated over to the Czech Republic and Poland. Throughout the years garden gnomes have been loved and hated alike. Some people hate the brightly colored figurines because they feel they detract from the natural beauty of the garden. Others believe that the gnomes have a superstitious watch over their gardens and actually keep them safe. Then there is that playful, crafty side of humans who just like to have whimsical characters hanging around their yard for decoration or fun. Which one are you?

Live on!

Despite all of the controversy, the history of garden gnomes continues on. Gnomes tend to be a popular favorite for gardens everywhere. They represent a rich history of fantasy and beauty. Even though some people portray them as pests and mischief makers they still hold their place as guardians of the earth and helpers to the kind soul in need of assistance.

Love or Hate?

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Sporty Gnomes

These guys come in just about every pro and college sport or team available. They also show up at these events and I've seen some mascots that could be called Gnomes! While it is easy to find regional teams where you live, any team or sport can be found on Amazon.

What's Your Favorite Garden Gnome?

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    • profile image

      Pam 6 months ago

      Love the one that wolf whistles at anyone who walks by

    • Ov Strickland profile image

      Ov Strickland 5 years ago from El Segundo, CA

      So cute! Great job here, john. Thanks for sharing. :)

    • seebasic profile image

      seebasic 7 years ago from Germany

      I know there are many, many, many .... innumerable of these gnomes to be found in even innumerable front yards in eastern Germany. Mainly they are found in the region of the forest of Thueringen. They are really loved.

    • agvulpes profile image

      Peter 8 years ago from Australia

      johnr54, interesting story on the origin of Gnomes, they are very popular here and we have a number in our garden!

    • profile image

      Moon Gnome 8 years ago

      Where do you find the gnome pulling up it's pants next to the welcome potty? The one depicted up top.

    • myawn profile image

      myawn 8 years ago from Florida

      I didn't know much about gnomes til now . I like the sleeping ones they are so cute. Thanks!