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Random Thoughts In Louisiana

Updated on September 24, 2015

Profit and loss plus June bugs

Childhood dreams, and sugar cane

Canary tree and tunes with harmony

Pudding with ice cream for a happy birthday

.American life for good people here and there

Journey to mother on a lawnmower

Love is and art so enjoy it while you can

kindness is a beauty you should never abandon

Hate is a beast that sucks the life out of hopes and dreams

Jealousy is unfortunate and usually unproductive

Crime is costly to department stores

Bald eagles are rare so respect them

Fried potatoes with peppers are good with onions and ham

Salt of the earth

Heart of Gold is something you must never sell

Sick leave is what you need to get well

Hot dog buns , and chili require hot dogs

Watermelon soda is good with fried chicken

Flashlights in the dark keeps you from stepping on you're cat

A truck for two thousand dollars. can be a load of fun

A barrel of monkeys at a zoo makes children giggle

A dollar .can buy a smile

Plum soup with gumbo is worth a try

A witch doctor is worth less

Not giving a care rarely helps

One hundred fifty dollars worth of bread can sustain life



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