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Funny & Useful Life Hacks To Make Your Day!

Updated on July 10, 2016

Funny & Useful Life Hacks To Make Your Day!

Well, well, well! So you thought your life was well defined and you didn’t need any help with chores and other mundane things that make life, well, boring! But you most definitely do! There are so many professional services available these days to make your life easy and simple!

But then there are those days when you’re left alone and stranded and have to do all the dirty work yourself! When you have to do this, then it stands to reason that you had simpler ways to finish it all! And then, there are ways and means to make those simpler ways even more simple! Where do we start? We’re dying to tell you all the ways with which you can complete the most boring tasks in ways that’ll entertain you and make you wonder why you never thought about them!

So without wasting any more time, here are some amazingly quirky life hacks that’ll be fun to do:

  • Big buckets: We all know how irritating it is when the only source of water is your humble kitchen sink tap and how you have to fill up that big bucket full of water. But to fill it with water, you have to take a smaller bucket and then pour it into the big bucket. Which is really annoying to do and time consuming! So, instead, grab a clean dustpan and place it on your kitchen sink with the wider area facing the tap and the holder aimed above the bucket. Turn on the tap and voila! You have your bucket filled up with water!

  • Clothes Stacking: We all just dump our clothes into our drawers and then when we have to find them, we just throw them all out and try to find what we want to wear! But, instead of doing this, take the time to fold your clothes and simply stack them vertically into your drawers. Doing this will help you in simply grabbing the clothes that you want to wear! That’s it!

  • Long and Annoying Wires: So it’s official now: wires are the most irritating thing to ever exist. We tangle them first and then struggle to untangle them and then we tangle them again! We keep doing this and it becomes a vicious circle! Simply wound long wires and use a hair clip to hold down the wound up wire! It’s that simple! So the nest time, just remove the hair clip to access the full length of the wire and repeat the process!

  • Borrowed Items: Well, we all lend things to our friends and then regret lending it to them when we don’t get it back for ages (or never!) in many cases. It gets really irritating trying to call everyone and asking all our friends whether we had lent them that article or not when we’re looking for it! Well, here’s something we bet you never thought of. Why not just click a photograph of your friend holding the item or items that he/she has borrowed? That way, you can keep a track of all the stuff you’ve lent them! Simple!

Now with these quirky life hacks, we bet that your life is much simpler that it was! You can thank us later!


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