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Furniture Refinishing Made Easy With Annie Sloan's Incredible Chalk Paint

Updated on October 18, 2015

Chalk Paint

Years ago I decided to refinish a great old desk for my folks. It was a French Provincial wood desk, finished in a dark walnut stain It wasn’t a bad looking piece,,,, but I felt i could improve on it. The plan was to finish it in an antique white finish. It was a good plan but

I was new at refinishing furniture. There were a couple of do it your yourself antiquing kits available. Both kits required that I sand the entire desk surface to remove wax and add adhesion for the base coat. Next, I applied an oil based primer coat, followed by a light sanding then another base coat.

The next step is the application of a stain which was applied with a brush then mottled or brushed with a piece of cheesecloth until the desired wood-grain effect was created. After the entire desk was completed additional light sanding and touch ups were completed before applying a final coat of clear urethane . When the desk dried, a metallic highlight was applied along the edges and on engraved detailed sections.. It turned out fine, but good grief it was a difficult drawn out process.

Twenty five years later I discovered chalk paint” Specifically, Annie Sloan chalk paint. It is made in England by a real person named Annie Sloan and it is an amazing product.

The Annie Sloan product is a heavy bodied latex paint based product that completely covers the surface of your project usually in one coat. Apply it over waxes, surfaces, nicks, stains, whatever and it covers in most situations. If you would like to apply a highlight, you simply apply a special colored wax with a brush or cloth - then work it into the desired effect. You can control the depth of the highlight color .

The base colors are somewhat limited to a group of twenty or so antique colors. These colors can be blended to create other unique finishes. The quart size can easily finished a 5 foot wide chest and a smaller foot wide cedar chest. The final results were two pieces of fine furniture that had an authentic factory finish. It came off as good as work done by a professional refinisher. In addition, there was enough product jeft for one additional small piece.

Enjoy easy clean up. no odors and a refreshing change, thanks to Annie Sloan. The beauty of this product are the many U-Tube videos and customer suggestions and ideas available online. I’ve attached one below. Have a blast.

For best resuts use the incedible brushes created by hand specifically for chalk paint. If you have an Annie Sloan retail location in your town, you can sign up for a free class.

Colors from Annie Sloan

Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint


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    • Kramar profile image

      Snarky Babbler 2 years ago from USA

      I hope you find one You will really enloy this product/\

      The special brushes are advised as well.

    • mactavers profile image

      mactavers 2 years ago

      Thanks for the information. I'll look for a retailer in my area.