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Furniture Showrooms in Melbourne, Australia

Updated on February 18, 2013

When searching for furniture stores in Melbourne, Australia, there are many options to choose from. Since buying furniture is really a "hands-on" buying experience, its important to be able to actually visit a showroom and see the products you will be buying in person. If you can't do that, then you cannot honestly know how a piece of furniture is going to feel as far as its comfort level and other characteristics that might make you like or dislike a given piece of furniture. In Melbourne, there are many different furniture showrooms where buyers can go in and actually test out furniture items before they buy. Some of these different Melbourne furniture stores will be discussed briefly in this article, and rated according to qualities such as the selection of furniture and interior design products available, and the quality of each respective store location/showroom.

Coco Republic:

Coco Republic is one of the foremost retailers of fine furnishings and interior decoration goods in Melbourne. They offer a lot of different furniture and homeware products, as well as property styling services, and interior design products too. Many of the products and styles that are sold from Coco Republic are very contemporary in their nature, tending to have a modern appearance. Because of the high-end contemporary furniture styling that is sold at Coco Republic, their prices tend to be fairly high; they are truly sellers of premium products. Coco Republic also offers a design school for professionals already working in the field of interior design, individuals just starting out in the business, and also for those who would like to attend as a hobby or personal passion. They teach primarily information about interior design both as an art and as a business, as well as information about many different products in the realm of furniture and interior design. Out of all the different furniture stores in Melbourne, Coco Republic is the only one that offers its customers access to a design school.


UrbanRhythm is another one of the furniture stores in Melbourne, Australia that is known for selling a large variety of contemporary pieces. However, this store is a bit more moderately priced than Coco Republic is. Specializing in Australian hardwood furniture with fabric or leather upholstery, UrbanRhythm sells a contemporary style of furniture that is, unlike a lot of pieces found at Coco Republic showrooms, more functional than it is artistic. This style of comfortable contemporary furniture found at UrbanRhythm is a preference for many buyers in Melbourne since it offers buyers both style and comfort/function in equal measure. In addition to sofas, dining chairs, and lounge chairs, UrbanRhythm also specializes in other home accessories such as lighting solutions, assorted rugs, and paintings.

With all of the different options, such as the ones listed here and others (examples: Zuster Furniture, Melbourne, and Hermon & Hermon, Melbourne), its honestly hard to go wrong when it comes to finding good furniture stores in Melbourne, Australia; it just depends on the specific stylistic preference that a given buyer has, and also what their price range is.


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