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Furniture Sliders Review – Moving Men, Magic Sliders, Waxman Reusable Sliders

Updated on December 7, 2010

Furniture Sliders are a cheap and easy way to make moving your furniture around simple and effortless.  These furniture sliders are usually made with a smooth, hard plastic or sometimes Teflon surface that has a very low coefficient of friction which means that once you get the furniture moving it will have little friction and move effortlessly around the room.  The sliders are easy to install, simply lift one section of the furniture at a time to place the slider under the leg and repeat until all sliders are installed.  This makes moving furniture by yourself not only possible but practical and can make cleaning and room rearrangement a breeze. 

There are many practical applications for using furniture sliders from moving full desks or cabinets without taking everything out and then putting it back to installing furniture sliders on your couch or bed to make cleaning underneath and behind them much easier.  Furniture sliders are worth their weight in gold when you have to move fully loaded furniture such as bookcases, computer desks and entertainment centers.  You’ll save a ton of time using the sliders versus unloading everything, moving the furniture and then loading everything back up.  Furniture sliders are also handy during the times when you need to rearrange your furniture for movie night or a big game and then put everything back the next day.  As you can see there are many practical uses but which product is the best furniture sliders?  In this article we’ll review the top furniture sliders and rate their pros and cons as well as tell you where you can find the best deals.

Moving Men Furniture Slider Set

The Moving Men furniture slider set is an eight piece packages that has two sets of sliders that are meant to handle a big and a small piece of furniture.  The large sliders are 7 inch disks (there are four of them) that are designed to move big furniture such as couches, beds and bookshelves or cabinets.  There are also 4 small sliders that are 3.5 inches in diameter and will move smaller items such as desks, recliners and dining room tables.  Not that the small sliders couldn’t be used for big items (or vice versa), however because they have a smaller surface area the friction will be higher and the furniture is more likely to slide off of the moving disks.

So how do the Moving Men Sliders perform?

The Moving Men Sliders are easy to install, I was able to lift the corners of my bed and slide the disk under the bedpost of my king size bed.  It’s amazing how easily they slide across the carpet and it took me a couple of times to get the alignment right (I kept overshooting the mark).  It was a little difficult for me to do this by myself; I had to hold the bed up with one arm and my knee while I aligned the disk with the other arm.  It would be much easier if I had someone else to do one of the jobs, but it can be done.  I was able to do the couch much easier as the couch was much lighter.  Once installed, the moving men made moving the couch a breeze; it wasn’t hard at all.  The bed on the other hand was difficult and the slider fell off of one post once but I think that was because I wasn’t pulling from the middle.  If you were to have two people pulling or pushing it wouldn’t be an issue.  The biggest problem I had with the Moving Men furniture sliding set was when I tried it on the dining room table.  We have hardwood floors in the dining room and the sliding motion of the disks scratched some of the finish.  It’s not real bad (probably because our table is fairly light) but it is something to be aware of when using them.  The one thought I had was that there could have been some dirt on the floor that may have caused the scratches.  If you do try to use them on hardwood floors, you would definitely want to sweep or vacuum the surface first to eliminate any dirt that could scratch the floor.

As far as the price goes these are middle of the road.  I’m a firm believer in getting what you pay for but not paying for extra frills.  These do the job well with minimal fuss and aren’t terribly expensive.  At 10 bucks per package it isn’t unreasonable to get two if you need to do a lot of moving.  However, the one kit would suit you just fine if you only need to move your couch, bed or dresser once every 3-4 months to clean behind.  One other thing, because these things are bright orange they draw a lot of attention which is good when they’re in a drawer full of other stuff but bad when you leave them on your furniture.

Check Out Amazon’s Prices on Moving Men Furniture Sliders

Amazon offers free shipping on purchases over $25 so my advice is to purchase two of these sets.  That way you can move your entire living room around without having to bend over and remove the sliders and put them back on again later if you change your mind.  Plus, if you happen to lose one slider the set becomes useless (you can’t slide things with three furniture moving pads) so having an extra set will save you the effort of buying another set and waiting (or simply not using the sliders).

Magic Sliders Furniture Movers

The Magic Sliders furniture movers tested were the 4 inch round ones.  There are a dozen of different sized Magic Sliders for different applications.  The 4 inch Magic Sliders were the closest ones we could find to the Moving Men furniture movers and we wanted to provide a fair comparison.  The magic sliders are basically the same as the moving men sliders: they’re a hard plastic on one side with a rubbery material on the other side.  The package we bought had four of the 4 inch movers.

How did the Magic Sliders Perform.

I wanted to see how they would do compared to the Moving Men furniture sliders so I tried it out on my king sized bed in a carpeted area.  They were easy to put under the posts and did make moving the bed a lot easier however it’s far from effortless.  I can see using these when we need to get access to the plug behind the bed (especially when installing/removing the electric blanket) or just moving the bed around.  Trying the Magic Sliders on the couch was absolutely wonderful as the couch would just move around however I pushed it.  I was a little hesitant to try it on the hard wood floor with what happened with the Moving Men sliders.  I did clean the floor before moving the table and I didn’t have an issue.   Now it’s hard to say if the Moving Men Sliders wouldn’t have scratched the floor if I had cleaned it first so it’s not really a fair comparison.

Overall, I thought the Magic Sliders performed just as well as the Moving Men sliders.  They did seem to grip the furniture a little better but it’s hard to tell if that’s true or if it’s just my perception.  When compared to the price of the Moving Men sliders, the Magic Sliders are way more expensive; almost twice as much.  Seeing as they do the job equally well I’d suggest going with the cheaper Moving Men furniture sliders.  The one difference I did notice was when moving the couch around in the living room we have some throw rugs on top of our old carpet (you know so you don’t have to purchase new carpet) and the Magic Sliders handled the bump going from carpet to throw rug a lot better than the Moving Men.

Check Out Amazon’s Prices on Magic Sliders Furniture Moving Pads

Because Amazon offers free shipping on purchases over $25, it might be worth your while to purchase two packages (because you only get four per pack) in case you lose one or need more than one set.  There are a lot of different sizes so you may be able to get a smaller disk to go along with the big sliders so that you can handle all sorts of furniture moving.

Waxman Reusable Slider Furniture Movers

The Waxman Reusable Slider Moving Package is a pretty robust package that comes with four 7 inch sliders for big furniture and loaded entertainment centers, four 3.5 inch round sliders for smaller and lighter furniture, four 2.5 x 9 inch bars that are meant for directional sliding, and four 3.5 inch felt sliders that are meant for hardwood floors.  As you can see there are a lot of sliders provided in this kit which makes rearranging the room incredibly easy because you don’t have to keep stopping and moving sliders and moving again. 

How do the Waxman Reusable Sliders perform?

This is the kit that my in-laws purchase to rearrange their entire house when they got the new big screen TV.  The fact that there were so many pieces was invaluable as we spent a good two hours rearranging their two living rooms as it was (it would have been so much more if we had only had one or even two sets).  The one thing I noticed is that the smaller disks didn’t do as well with the big couches.  They have two couches so the 7 inch disks were put on one couch and the 3.5 were put on another.  There were several times we had to stop and reset the small disks but we never had a problem with the big disks.  We used the directional sliders on a bookcase/stereo shelving and it saved a lot of time.  I mean a lot.  My father-in-law is one of those audiophiles that has the old receiver and pre-amp and everything that goes with the old-fashioned serious stereo setup.  Each piece weighed between 30 and 50 pounds.  Plus you have all of those CDs, easily over 100.  That would have taken an hour itself taking all that stuff off, move it and put the stuff back on.  I will say it wasn’t easy getting the disks under the bookshelves that contained the stereo.  It took two people to lift and quickly slide the furniture slider under it.  I took the felt pads home to try out on my dining room table.  They worked like a charm and I have to tell you I was much less nervous about using them (although I did still vacuum the floor first). 

My overall impression is that this kit is the best overall value as it performed all of the furniture moving excellently.  That being said it is a huge kit that might be overkill if you just need to move a piece of furniture here and there.  This kit is best used for a massive room rearrangement.  The price of the Waxman Reusable Sliders Moving Kit is more than the Magic Sliders (although you get many more sliders) and almost 3 times as much as the Moving Men.

Check Out Amazon’s Prices on Waxman Reusable Sliders Moving Kit

The cost of the Waxman kit is actually about $23 which is incredibly annoying because you only need two more dollars for free shipping from Amazon.  Because this kit is comprehensive and you don’t really need to order anything else, you may just want to find a book or something else you were thinking about purchasing to put you over the free shipping price mark.  Considering that shipping is $8 at a minimum, you make money on just about anything you purchase.


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