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The Garage Clock: For the Perfect Garage, Workshop, or Man Cave

Updated on September 27, 2011

Decorative and Functional Clocks for the Garage

Whether you just want to be able to keep track of time or need the perfect design accent, a garage clock can be the perfect item. You can find these shop clocks in a variety of designs, some are retro items that appeal to enthusiasts and collectors alike, others are vintage looking designs, while several are more modern with a unique automotive motif.

You'll find a variety of garage clocks on this page and one is certain to be the perfect fit for your room, shop, or garage.

A Few Reminders

When choosing one of these clocks, check to see if it runs with AC power, batteries, or both. Certainly batteries free you up from having to mount it near an outlet, but of course batteries have to be replaced periodically and can result in an incorrect reading if they die unexpectedly. AC power is reliable until the power goes out. Having the AC power with battery back up can be a good option.

If you don't find the one you want on this page, then you can of course make your own. Finding a sign, plate, or something similar that sports a design you like can allow you to create your own design. Clock movement kits with the hands and numerals included can be purchase for under $15 or so online. With just a drill and small screwdriver you can get just the look you want.

For the Man Cave

With a design that's reminiscent of prehistoric man, this Man Cave clock features a lightweight black plastic frame and easy to read white letters on black face. It's a 10 inch clock with precision quartz movement. It's perfect for the garage, workshop, or any other space that's been designated for the man of the house. This clock operates on a single AA battery.

Tire Garage Clock

This clock is perfect not only for the garage but any room occupied by someone who is an automotive nut. It's made of lightweight plastic and is styled to look like a car tire. The hands are fashioned to look like tools, and the clock face is surrounded by a tire and wheel cover. It has 14 inch diameter.

Just the Basics

If you just want somehing that is very functional, here is a great option. This garage clock is easy to read (even in larger spaces) with large numerals and great contrast between the white background and dark brown lettering and hands. It's a 12 inch clock constructed with high impact plastic so that it will withstand a few knocks and yet still be lightweight.

Just the Right Touch for Wood Workers

Designed perfectly for any garage or shop, this clock is styled to look like a saw blade. It's a 10 inch clock with large, easy to read numerals, and has hour, minute, and second hands. It operates on one AA battery.

The second item here has a similar design and is also a 10" garage clock. It has a hammer and saw blade hands and quartz regulated movement. Both are perfect for a workshop.

For the Corvette Enthusiast

If you know a Corvette enthusiast this is the perfect garage clock. With a white frame and letters on a black background it's easy to read. It features quartz movement and operates off of a single AA battery. It's an affordable option and is a nice addition to any wall.

Hot Rod Heaven

Hot Rods are a breed apart and this garage clock celebrates them. It's made with a hand blown ring of real glass neon which generates 25 watts of light. It has a chrome finish reminiscent of the 50's diner, a glass face, and multi-tiered art deco rim.

It runs with a single AA battery but must be placed near an outlet to plug in the AC adapter for the neon light. This clock has a 15" diameter and is 3" deep.

For Chevy Lovers

This item is a great choice if you're on a limited budget. It's another that features a retro look. This clock has a blue plastic frame and white face with high contrasting blue numerals. It features quartz movement and operates off of one AA battery. This clock is not lighted.

The Right Touch for Bikers

If there is a biker in the household, this garage glock may be the perfect choice. It is a nicely designed neon light clock which features a bike. It measures 14" x 8" x 2". The neon LED frame comes in a variety of colors and is randomly selected. It's an attractive as well as functional addition to the wall of any garage, shop, or other "man cave".

The second item is also a 14" clock and sports an acrylic face with 1 inch deep aluminum bezel. It has a retro look with a distressed antique finish and is easy to read with black numbering and a white background. It runs with a single AA battery.

The final item is just what a Harley fan will love. This clock has a 12" diameter and chrome housing with blue neon light encircling it. It comes with a neon power adapter/transformer and requires only a single AA battery to operate.

Personalized Neon Blue

This 14 inch shop clock is constructed with a plastic housing and chrome look frame. It has a cool blue neon glow and tools decorating the face to give it an industrial look. The clock can be personalized with a name (20 character limit). It also features quartz movement and operates on one AA battery so it can be hung anywhere, making it a great choice for a garage or room with limited outlets.

The Last Chance

This round garage clock measures 15" across and is 3" deep. It has a chrome finished rim and is lit with red, green, and white neon lights for a great retro look. The Last Chance garage clock operates with a single AA battery and 12v AC adapter so it won't fail even during power outages. It comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty.


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    • Terryandco profile image

      Terry Harris 6 years ago from Essex

      very impressed, my fatherinlaw practically lives in his garage to get some peace and quiet! great clocks.

    • profile image

      Garage Detailer 7 years ago

      Great selection of garage clocks you found here. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Cool garage clocks.

    • lakeerieartists profile image

      Paula Atwell 7 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      I am so in love with these garage clocks. Not sure my husband's mancave is in the garage, but we could definitely still use one of those. Maybe in the basement. Fun, fun products. :D