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Cost Effective Garage Conversion - Garage Remodel Before and After Photos

Updated on April 8, 2013

Convert a Garage to a Room

Will a cost effective garage conversion be the answer to my problem? That was my question and my idea as we needed a bit more space and the best idea was a garage conversion. First I went to the village hall to ask about taxes and the answer was yes your taxes will go up but I was told that they would not be raised too much because I was not building anything new, I was just remodeling something that already existed. We were happy with that answer and moved forward. We had a small one car, attached garage in our ranch style house. When we measured it, we found that it was a good size for a den and it may be fairly easy and cost effective to convert the garage into that desperately needed extra room. We had checked into the cost of building on an extra room and then found out that the cost to convert the garage would be about half the price. The next question was how and who shall we get to help?

After talking with a couple friends who had done some contracting work we figured out a plan. The first step was to clean and strip the garage clean. We started by buying an Amish built shed for storage of our garage items since we would no longer have a one car garage. Then we stripped the walls and ceilings to prepare it for insulation and construction. Our garage was big enough to be turned into a 16x16 room and a 7x11 entryway. We began the garage remodel in our plan to convert the garage to a room.

Do It Yourself Conversion Pictures

My husband and I prepared the ideas for the do it yourself garage conversion part of the project. The room will then be ready for the contractor to do his part but from the do it yourself part we saved a little money. When we were finished, the contractor came in and made sure we had outlets where we wanted them and put them in, They removed the garage door and replaced it with a new entry door, they insulated and put up drywall. The window company came and installed new windows in the exact places of the old windows in the garage. We painted the room once finished, then the contractor laid a laminate floor for us. Basically, that's about it. No real structural differences in the room from when it was a garage. Just a wall to divide the den from the entryway. We're very happy with the choices we made on this remodel decision.

Remodeled Garage

Our room is now finished and we have a totally remodeled garage inside and out. We furnished the room woth two desks, a loveseat a chair and a TV and use it for a den and TV room. The pictures below show before and after photos of the conversion of the garage. The entryway part of the addition is still in progress.

Garage Conversion Pictures

Garage before conversion
Garage before conversion
Garage conversion
Garage conversion
Garage converted to a room
Garage converted to a room

Favorite Garage Conversion Room

The pictures above give a good indication of how well the garage conversion turned out. The room now has two desks (his and hers). Two computers. A love seat, book shelves, two small file cabinets, a TV cabinet, a TV with a sound system. It's probably our favorite room in the house. It a room we get hours and hours of use out of an probably will for years to come.

Finished Entry Way

The finished entry way as part of our garage conversion is an awesome addition to our home. So by remodeling the one car garage we were able to save money, not add a new building. Use the current structure that was there and be very happy with a wonderful new entryway and a fantastic large den. In our home it is a den. If someone else were to buy this home, it would also be a great master bedroom.

Our new entryway consists of a small broom closet and a wall length closet. We use these two closets for items such as broom, mop and vacuum cleaner and the bigger one has a trash can, some boots, some small tools and a variety of several other things we like to keep handy. The broom closet has a regular door while the wall length closet has sliding doors for easy access. We painted and put down a ceramic tile floor. We put up some hooks for coats and the room is a wonderful entryway.

The entryway photo shows how we created a bright and welcoming room at a very low cost to add value. A garage conversion can be many things. A family room, bedroom, den, entryway or really whatever you'd like it to be.

Entryway Photos

New Den From Garage Conversion

After 2 years with the new den made from the garage conversion, the decision was a good one. It has given the extra room needed with the cost being much more minimal than an addition would have cost.

The den serves the purpose of office,TV room, nap room, listen to music room and play cards room. It's a great addition to the house for when we have family over or need extra room for guests.

I am glad we made the choice that we did to convert the garage. An addition to the house would have cost twice as much and increased our taxes. Although a new appraisal is sometimes necessary to find the true value of the house, a conversion is much more cost effective because the square footage is not actually being increased as it would be had there been an addition to the house


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    • lucille12 profile image

      lucille12 2 years ago

      If your budget allows start with the garage cement floor you can checkout some low cost options such as floor paint, epoxy, and PVC floor tiles.