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Garage Door Pricing in the Columbus Ohio Area

Updated on February 11, 2015

Is there standard pricing for garage doors?

In the garage door industry there is not a one size fits all for pricing. Each garage door company sells different products, so the prices may vary depending upon what pricing the company gets from the garage door dealer.

The garage door dealer is the company that makes garage doors. There are several out there in the market. Just to name a few: Clopay, Mid-America, DoorLink, C.H.I., Wayne Dalton, Amarr, Midland, Hass, and Raynor. Customers cannot go to a dealer to buy a garage door, customers have to go through a garage door distributor.

The garage door distributor sells the garage door to the customer. Grove City Garage Door Inc. is a garage door distributor for Clopay, Mid-America, and DoorLink garage doors. The garage door distributor makes a business deal with the garage door dealer, the dealer agrees to a pricing module of what to sell their door to the distributor for, and the distributor signs a contract to pay the agreed upon pricing module. The distributor then decides what a good price would be to install a garage door on a customers' home for.

Garage Door Pricing

Garage door distributors sell their garage door as installed pricing models. Very few will sell the garage door to the customer without installing the door.

What is included in garage door pricing installed?

-The price of the garage door-basic price of the picked out garage door- door prices can range from $395 all the way up to and above $5000. An insulated garage door costs more to make than a non-insulated garage door. A colored garage door is not an additional price. Windows and black iron hardware are additional costs.

-Garage Door Track-this comes standard with all garage doors

-Springs- every garage door needs a spring to lift the door

-All of the moving mechanics of the garage door-hinges, rollers, drums, cables are all standard

-Labor to install-of course we have to pay our technicians a decent wage

NOT included in garage door pricing: the garage door opener. The garage door opener is an additional cost of install as well as for the piece of equipment.

Which Door Would Cost the Most?

Garage Door #1
Garage Door #2
Garage Door #3
9'x7' Non-Insulated
9'x7' Insulated
9'x7' Non-Insulated
No Windows
Hunter Green
Black Iron Hardware
Which door do you think would cost more?

Reference the Table for Which Door Would Cost the Most

Which Garage Door Above Would Cost the Most?

See results

What Can A New Door Do for Your House?

This is a white insulated garage door with arched glass and black iron hardware.
This is a white insulated garage door with arched glass and black iron hardware. | Source
The old garage door didn't go with the house. A new door made a vast improvement!
The old garage door didn't go with the house. A new door made a vast improvement! | Source

Choosing a company

Do you struggle with how to choose a garage door company for a new garage door?

There are many, many garage door companies out there that all want your business. How would you possibly choose one that will do good work? Are an impulse clicker on the internet? Do you just call the first company that pops up in an internet search?

I will make some suggestions on how to research a company to make your decision:

1. When you are on a web site of the company of your choice, is there a business name and address for that company?

2. Look up the company and the address on the web, are you familiar with your area? Does the company have a real address?

3. Is the company a local company?

4. If the company is not local, then how will they fix their warranty work?

These questions should cross your mind while you are choosing who to give your hard earned money to at the end of the garage door install.

Why Choose a Local Garage Door Company?

It is in your best interest to choose a local garage door company to do the work on your home. Local garage door companies are invested in their communities in some way, the people usually live in your neighborhood or one just like it, the company will invest their money back into your economy. The local guys will also be around to fix the warrantied items on your garage door. Most garage door companies will warranty their work for one year for parts and labor, so why wouldn't you call the local company to come back and fix your problems?

Support Local Business


Too Good To Be True

As you are researching, are there garage door companies that make claims about lifetime warranties?

You should be very aware that springs on the garage door do not last a "Lifetime", they are meant for 5,000-10,000 cycles of going up and down. That equates to 3-7 years depending upon how often you use your garage door.

Garage door mechanics will wear out with time and use, so don't fall for something that sounds too good to be true.

Use your best judgement, does it sound too good to be true? Then it probably isn't true and will end up being your worst nightmare!


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