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Garage Storage Ideas for Tool Chests

Updated on November 17, 2011
Garage Storage Ideas
Garage Storage Ideas | Source

Getting a tool chest for your garage is an attractive way to store your tools. But it can be difficult to know the best way to organize those tools in the easiest way to find them later. Here are some garage storage ideas that can help.

Organize Tools by Type
When you have a tool chest, it is often easiest to store the tools in it by type. Screwdrivers in one drawer, hammers in another, saws in a third. This makes it easier to remember what tools are in what drawers. Try to store the tools that you use the most near the top of the tool chest so that they are the most easily accessible.

Garage Placement
There are a few different garage storage ideas for tool chest placement. One idea is to store it as close to the house as possible. This way, your tools are always easily available for those little things that come up like a loose screw or needing to hang up a picture. Another idea is to store all of the tools together. Unless you have an extremely large tool chest, it is likely that some of your larger tools will not fit into it. If putting all of your tools in the same area of the garage will make it easier for you to find things, then that is the best solution for you.

If there are others in your home that use the tools, it is helpful to have a labeling system for the tool chest that everyone understands. One way to do this is to tape a sheet to the side of the tool chest with the contents of each drawer and cabinet listed from top to bottom. Putting the sheet into a sheet protector can help prevent tearing and water damage. Another way is to have a label on each drawer with the primary contents of the drawer on the label. Magnetic labels that you can cut to appropriate lengths work well for tool chests made of metal.

Finding garage storage ideas for your tool chest that work with the space you have available is the most important. The goal of any storage is to be able to easily find what you are looking for when you are looking for it. If you find yourself getting frustrated or always looking in the wrong place for a certain tool, change how things are organized so that it makes it easier for you.


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    • lucille12 profile image

      lucille12 2 years ago

      Some point you may have to decide what is a garage organization idea and what may require off site storage.

    • Ann Marie Dwyer profile image

      Ann Marie Dwyer 6 years ago from South Carolina, USA

      Excellent ideas on how to make tools more accessible and organized. Great hub.


    • twilanelson profile image

      Twila Nelson 6 years ago from Carmichael, California

      Well written Hub that is very helpful in organizing the tool chest and garage. I love the idea of keeping everything safely in its place and labeling it, and I especially like the idea of keeping these tool chests close to the house so that family members may have access to those tools that we might need more often within the house.