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Garage door keypad

Updated on May 19, 2011

Garage door Keypad

Garage door keypad can be used as an garage door remote. It can be easily mounted on garage wall to be there whenever you will need it. But don't worry, not everyone will be able to use it. Only those that know 4 digit security code can enter garage. Garage door keypad can be changed anytime as you want. Some garage door keypads have room for more security codes, so everyone in your household can have his own unique security code.

Best garage door keypad even have function that will allow you to set temporary security code that can be used only for certain numbers of time or for certain period time. You can use this temporary code for your repairman or any other one who need to enter your garage while you are not at home.


Universal Garage Door Keypad

If you want to add garage door keypad to your opener or your old keypad doesn't work any more and you need replacement, you should think about universal garage door keypad. Universal garage door keypads were made to work with most of mayor garage door opener brands. But not all universal keypads will work with any opener. Most of the universal keypad have problem working with older models of garage door openers. So before you go and buy universal garage door keypad, make sure it will work with your garage door opener. If you are not sure, as seller before buying it.

One of the best universal garage door keypads I know is Chamberlain's KLIK2U universal keypad. Manufactor is claiming that will work with 99% of garage door opener. It's very easy to program it with smart learning button. What I also like about KLIK2U keypad is that it have bright, backlit keypad that is very easy to see in the dark.

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