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Garden 101: Water Conservation Facts with Rain Barrel

Updated on December 5, 2010

When it comes to your garden, did you know that there are water conservation facts with rain barrels? Of course there are! There are even all sorts of water saving devices that you can use to help you conserve and collect water. You can either make your own rain barrel, or purchase one. You can find out some of the good choices below.

Achla Rain Barrel

An Achla Rain Barrel has a classy wood grain (has an antique look) exterior look to it. It’s a specialty rain barrel that can collect and store at about 50 gallons worth of fresh rain water. This square-shaped rain barrel also comes with a screen that’s typically placed on top of the container (helps in filtering objects such as leaves, debris, insects), for which may also taint the stored water.

It’s a sturdy container that can last for years, as it has durable sides and is made with polycarbonate material. It typically comes with a fixed 4-foot hose, and a valve. Use this as one of the many ways to conserve water.

RTS Flatback Rain Barrel

An RTS Flatback Rain Barrel can definitely help you when the need for water finally arises. So when you experience water shortage at home, then you’ll know you’ll have some extra water for home use. Of course, you can use this on any particular chore you might think of, all except drink and bath using rain water.

But aside from all these interesting water conservation facts by means of this barrel, you can be sure to get a few more amazing features to it to use on your garden. Aside from a screen that comes with it, you can also expect it to be children and pet-proof. It also has a shut-off valve for easy hose attachment, amongst other things.

Moss Green Rain Barrel

Now, if you’re looking for a rain barrel that has quality, function, and design all packed in one, then the Moss Green Rain Barrel is your best pick! This rain collector can typically hold about 54 gallons worth of water.

Amongst other rain water harvesting methods and equipments,  this rain collector also has an automatic overflow, as well as a child-proof design. Among other useful features, it’s also has a top and quality design. It’s built with only the finest resources. Besides all these, it also comes with a Rainsaver warranty, amongst other nice highlights.

Terra Cotta Rain Barrel

And just like the previously mentioned rain barrel, the Terra Cotta Rain Barrel also comes with basically all the same features. When you use this rain barrel, you will definitely get water that is free from chlorine, and from other chemicals. You can instantly use the rain water to water your garden, or to wash your pets. The rain barrel installation for this can be easily set-up as well (amongst other Garden water conservation facts with rain barrels sorts).


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