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Garden Art Quotes

Updated on October 22, 2016
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Robertatalloni means creativity. Whether in writing, or in more typical art forms, artistry (and a bit of fun) must be part of the work.

Garden Art Quotes
Garden Art Quotes | Source

Art Quotes for Garden Décor

Decorated quotes continue to be wildly popular in garden settings. Whether indoors for party themes or in outdoor spaces as permanent art, original and old faithful quotations about the joys, benefits, and amusements of gardening remain staple decor items.

Even those of us who are not very fond of ceramic gnomes, dwarfs, or fairies hiding among our plants are known to occasionally succumb to a tastefully decorated phrase, verse, or single word for our outdoor spaces. Putting some ideas on paper, so to speak, is my first step in developing ideas I’ve been thinking about.

If you want to incorporate a special quote to enjoy in your garden maybe you’ll find something in this hub that will inspire you to design your own special work of art. If so, it would be great to hear about it in the comments at the end or see it in your own DIY hub!

Working out a small quote project to post on my potting bench as a reminder to keep at it for lots of reasons!  Will be adding white daisies in the corners.
Working out a small quote project to post on my potting bench as a reminder to keep at it for lots of reasons! Will be adding white daisies in the corners. | Source

Familiar Garden Art Quotes

Well known quotes are tried and true for any design you want to create. Beautiful designs are all over the web waiting for buyers to purchase or artists to use as inspiration.

Pinterest’s selections are an amazing collection to get us started. From a gorgeous large sunshine to a small stepping stone for decorating outdoors, the possibilities of expressing your thoughts and feelings unfold like flower petals in spring.

The following links will take you to DIYs with happy thoughts as well as thought provoking ones:

• One take on Bloom Where You Are Planted is an easy DIY that could be adapted to a number of uses.

• Though this is displayed over a bed, this Rest Relax Refresh tutorial would be sweet hanging from a tree limb over a table by some garden seats.

• Garden flags naturally lend themselves to speaking up and out seasonally. This tutorial about Summer Waving Goodbye in the fall is a neat example of how to get creative so you can change things up every few months.

A Garden of Love Grows in a Grandmother’s Heart is definitely a design I want to adapt before my grands visit again!

• Herbal quotes for gardeners range from practical, as in identifying markers to just plain fun. Every time I think I’ve come up with an original, I find it somewhere on the www!

• Don’t forget the creative art that rocks can inspire: Stamped RocksTips for Painting RocksCustomize a Rock/StoneMosaic Letters.

Planning a design for an outdoor space.
Planning a design for an outdoor space. | Source

Choosing Designs for the Garden

To some, the Bible’s book of Job is an odd book to love, but gaining an understanding of its purpose gives not only a love for it, but a respect that strengthens us.

Sharing ideas on quotes I’ve been thinking about thanks to this book serves as a reminder of the direction I would like to take with quotes to use for outdoor and porch areas in the future.

Maybe these will inspire you to think through creating something for your own garden spaces:

A design I hope to do for a garden area soon is going to use Beautiful is the Joy of Trusting the Creator! Job 5:9 as the theme. My computer generated basic idea is shown here, but I plan to replace that with a photograph of the finished piece.

My Garden Art Plan for a Decorative Stake

Create a decorative stake for your garden!
Create a decorative stake for your garden! | Source

The work I want to do is along the lines of this from Aimee Weaver Designs. Though her example is an indoor piece, her work is classy yet comfortable in ways I find inspiring.

Other pieces I may create in the future are already in the planning stages. I hope to use various woods and metals to paint smaller designs with the following quotes for tucking in between hydrangeas and gardenias:

• Day by Day His Generosity in Creation Speaks God’s Incalculable Power -- Job 11:7

• Take Hope! See the Creator’s Power Displayed! Job 36:22

• He tells the Rain to be Strong, He Causes it to Happen, He is Exalted in Power! Job 37

• Trust Him! He Laid the Foundation of the Earth! Job 38

People who like to create their own art will find projects for the garden a fulfilling outlet for their talents. Perhaps you want to learn more about how to transfer letters and words to backgrounds you can use in your garden. There are several methods, some of which are as easy as sipping iced tea in the shade on a summer evening. Check out the following links to get an idea of what method would work best on your piece of glass, metal, or wood:

Up cycle old wood and use this method to create an artful quote for your garden.

This tutorial takes wax paper from the kitchen to the printer.

Transfer an image to glass using Mod Podge’s matte product and this easy DIY technique.

This site is offers amazing uses for your printer, but for our purposes, check out the note on transferring to metal.

We'll look at a few more tutorials on the processes for transferring designs below, but the one big tip is to reverse the lettering before printing.

Don’t Forget Monograms

Simple surfaces like concrete and wood can help you paint a garden statement with one letter, but the options for creating a monogram for your family or to use as a gift are fairly unlimited:

DIY a letter to display in the garden with a basic element not always associated with art. Concrete takes a traditional décor idea to a modern level that is very appealing in this tutorial.

A jute covered letter from HGTV is cute on the front door in the photo, but in our climate the jute would need to be painted over with a clear coat of outdoor waterproof product like one of the outdoor crafts paints to keep it from getting moldy. Once that was done, this would be a great garden feature in the right place.

Blooming monograms can be made for displaying flowers or designed to grow succulents. Personally, I’m wondering about filling one with Creeping Jenny for some bright color in a shady spot, perhaps in a concrete letter for propping against a planter. Moss monograms are also made with concrete but this one created with driftwood is a little different.

Some glass block crafts could get old fast with me, but quotes and monograms incorporated into stylish art pieces get my attention. Designing a lighted letter like this A (scroll down to second project) and placing it by a back porch door to use as a nightlight would be brilliant. Any number of craft paints, etching methods, or sticker products could give good effect.

A flat sided stone is waiting to be painted and used on a new porch's shady sitting area.
A flat sided stone is waiting to be painted and used on a new porch's shady sitting area. | Source

Creating Quote Décor

Easy tutorials for transferring images are plentiful. Letters must be mirrored but the process is not difficult. Designs can be drawn freehand and painted, but knowing a few tips for the best process for each project is useful. The following offers info to help. These sites can be a good starting place for finding more methods:

Transfer images to wood with some professionals.

Learn about going vintage with the right process.

When it comes to metal, a letter can be made to look like metal, or a metal base can be painted with a quote.

Chalk signs are still very popular and DIYing them is easy with the help of experienced chalk lettering experts:

Check out some easy chalkboard lettering instructions.

Learn about the before and after of chalk lettering.

• And if you want to create your own colorful chalk, well, you can do it in a traditional style or in a liquid organic style!

Tuck a Motivational Quote Among Your Plants

A Garden Truth!
A Garden Truth! | Source

New Decorative Uses for Outdoor Items

Enjoy thinking beyond what is already familiar with the following ideas for using old fencing in new ways:

Don’t Fence Me In offers a grand line up of repurposed items like fencing and gates that could be personalized by adding a monogram.

A faux wrought iron cover for a vent that looks real? Yes, and a monogram could be incorporated into the design to use on the bottom of screen door.

New ideas for common outdoor items are being developed by hands-on people everywhere as we become a use it again society instead of having a throw it away mindset. Feel free to share your useful ideas in the comments below.

What is your favorite type of garden art?

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Extra, Extra! Some Garden Designs Speak to Us Without Words or Letters

Check out the following garden designs I couldn’t resist adding to this hub even though they have no letters at all. They are examples of works of art that should not be missed:

This garden gate-like sculpture is so beautiful. I love every element of its happy composition. Maybe I could paint a similar one on a wooden gate. Choosing from the whimsical designs that are available is a huge task.

A delightful collection of photos includes a piece of silver art with crystal elements that inspires me to get creative with items I already own. Whether primitive or classic is your choice, some little something to use as a conversation piece can make family and guest remember their visit to your garden.

Mobiles should never be underestimated because they offer such potential for creativity. This sea glass example is rustic yet colorful, a combination not always found together. Something tells me that this teapot mobile’s form is going to follow me until I design one of my own.

Share Your Garden Art Idea with Us!

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    • purl3agony profile image

      Donna Herron 2 years ago from USA

      Thanks for reminding me that it's time to focus on our garden and yard :) I love the idea of incorporating garden quotes in our garden design and décor. I'd love to do a tile mosaic piece - maybe on a planter - that includes a nice garden phrase. Thanks for these ideas and getting me thinking for summer!

    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 2 years ago from SW England

      Useful and pretty ideas. I don't have a huge garden but we do have an English flag hanging from the washing pole! Around where we are in France this week, there are some huge boulders and one is called the 'Trembling Rock'. Despite the fact that it weighs a few tons, you can push it to make it pivot a little. I'm thinking about putting a similar, somewhat smaller rock in one of my very small borders, just for fun.

      Thanks for the inspiration. It's good to see you here again. I've missed a few but am trying to catch up!


    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 2 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Such good ideas I would love to do one or more, just adore my gardens. Always looking for new ideas. Thanks!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 2 years ago from the short journey


      A mosaic with a quote would be delightful and I hope we'll be seeing your project in a hub! Thanks much for stopping in. Happy gardening!

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 2 years ago from southern USA

      Oh, I love garden art. I have a mosaic clay pot bird bath I made, and I have garden signs too. I have some stepping stones too. All are great and add much interest to the garden.

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