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DIY Garden Dice

Updated on May 6, 2013

A few days ago I was sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and my vision kept drifting towards these plain looking brinks that I have in the ground. After staring at them for a while I had the bright idea of painting dice on them to give the garden a bit more color. Having been raised in Las Vegas Nevada I thought it was the perfect idea to remind me of home. So I went out and bought two of those cheap $1.00 paint brushes from Walmart, a $5.00 Krylon Color Creations 8oz can of Gloss white and a $5.00 Krylon Color Creations 8oz can of flat black ( both outdoor paint) and got to work on my 18X18 paver bricks. Below is how I tackled the project.

Total project: 2 hours, Total cost: $12.00

1. I took a small plastic coffee can lid and traced the circles with a permanent magic marker.

2. I took my Black flat paint and painted in the circles.

3. I took my white gloss paint and filled in around the circles.

For touch- up purposes it is easier to do the black circles first and the white last. I had a mess when I tried to paint the whole brick white and then draw the black circles.

It would be easier if you painted these bricks on a work table or in a garage.Trying to paint these outside, once they were already in the ground was really hard on my back and knees and I kept having ants and bugs wanting to land in my paint.


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