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Garden Fountains

Updated on June 24, 2014

Why garden fountains work so good

There is one thing really great about outdoor garden fountains, and that is whether you want to really make you yard look great, are more the hands-off type, it's a great way to add a piece to your outdoor landscaping that can hold its own no matter what the overall condition of your yard (within reason).

The point is things can look very average, and you can add an outdoor water fountain, and instantly there's a feel and look that not only appeals to the eye, but creates a delightful and peaceful atmosphere as well.

Many people probably have the wrong idea about an outdoor fountain, as in the past it seems they were big, guady and unmanageable, and dominated the landscape.

That's no longer true, as there are a large number of options and choices you can choose from, and a dominating water fountain no longer is the only one, unless that's what you personally prefer. 

Garden fountain flexibility

The numerous sizes and looks of the new outdoor water fountains are such that they can be placed in such a way as to accent a corner of part of the overall yard or garden, so it highlights certain areas in a way that contributes to the whole, by being a significant and targeted part. 

Where to place an outdoor water fountain

There are many places a water fountain could be put, like along a path, on the deck, or in a corner that has never really done much, but has largely just existed plain and without character for any number of reasons. 

Renaissance style garden fountain

Benefits of a garden fountain

To me, even if the garden fountain didn't do a lot to your landscape, just being able to sit nearby and listen to the water flow is worth taking the time and effort to install it in your yard.

Again, if you're not thinking of creating or developing a gorgeous, landscaped yard, just doing a little to make it look nice and adding a outdoor garden water fountain will do wonders for your yard, and it lasts for a long time, and if it's not huge, you can always try some different spots if you like to give a different look periodically. 

Choosing a garden fountain theme

Ok. I think I've got your interest. So other than it'll look good even if your a minimalist, there is still the decision to make as to what the theme of your yard fountain will be.

The variety of outdoor garden fountains is seemingly endless, and you've got to do a little searching of your self, or others that are part of the decision, to see what it is you would like to be seen so prominently day after day.

This is of course simply communicating and ultimately making a decision on what everyone involved can agree upon.

Probably more important than that as far as uncertainty goes, is what the fountain will be made of. Again, there are multiple options that could possibly be decided by the theme you choose, which may look better with a certain material.

Some of the outdoor water fountain types available

Some of the choices you'll face are fountains made of copper, stone, stainless steel, glass, slate, and a host of others.

So whether you're the type that likes contemporary styles of more cultural styles like Italian or Chinese, that will determine much of the decision on what materials to have and whether that style will even come in that material.

Other considerations to ponder are what the décor your existing home is and if it would clash with what you choose. That can be a disaster if you don't have a vision or concept of what it would look like, and then have it installed and you hate it because it doesn't go with your overall décor.

Japanese garden outdoor water fountain

Making garden fountain decisions based on yard size

Another factor to take into account is the size of your yard. If you got a tiny little outdoor fountain and placed it in a huge yard, it would be lost in the immensity of the yard, and the effect would be minimal, if at all.

Of course the same would be true with a small yard and a huge garden water fountain, which would overwhelm the space, and feel monstrous as a result.

In the case of an extraordinarily small yard, you probably would want a wall fountain of some time. Remember, the smaller the space to work with, the less error you can make, as smaller yards are less forgiving that larger yards, which aren't as dependent on the fountain for the overall look.

So keep in mind the size of your yard along with the décor of your house in making a final decision.

Types of plants to surround your garden fountain with

As far as surrounding plants or foliage, the taller they are the better for outdoor water fountains. There's a feel that comes from taller plants around the fountain that is hard to explain, but you know it immediately when you see it, and the fountain has something added to it that isn't there otherwise. 

Bird outdoor water fountain photo

Best overall choice for garden fountain

Now depending on your financial situation or how much you're willing to spend, it's better to get a ceramic or concrete garden fountain if you can, as they're considered the best, and will last a long time.

Other options are usually copper, porcelain, fiberglass and wood. This doesn't mean they're bad options, just that the others are the top of the line for outdoor water fountains.

How to install your outdoor water fountain

There's not a lot to think about with installing a water fountain, as it's pretty self-contained and ready to go with easy hookup.

What's most important is how level the ground is where you place it. That, more than anything else, is the major problems people experience with their fountains.

Just check how level your ground is and adjust it accordingly, making sure you use a level to ensure it's accurate. Don't eyeball it and "think" it looks level, make sure it is level.

By this I mean you have to do that before placing a solid platform for the fountain to sit on. I don't mean you put the fountain directly on the ground after you level it. Shifting would cause it to change in a very short time.

What I'm talking about is leveling the ground and installing a flat platform to set the fountain on. If you don't do this, there will be an uneven water flow and undesirable experience.

Tiered outdoor garden fountain

Peace that accompanies garden fountain

Finally, once this step is taken, you have a great aesthetic and peaceful place you can sit and enjoy for the rest of your life.

That's the magic of outdoor garden fountains, and why they're so desirable to have in any yard. 


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