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Garden Groom Hedge Trimmer

Updated on May 11, 2011
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Garden Groom Hedge TrimmerThe Garden GroomGarden Groom Mega BagHedge Trimmer As Seen On TVGarden Groom ClippingsGarden Groom Weed Thrasher
Garden Groom Hedge Trimmer
Garden Groom Hedge Trimmer
The Garden Groom
The Garden Groom
Garden Groom Mega Bag
Garden Groom Mega Bag
Hedge Trimmer As Seen On TV
Hedge Trimmer As Seen On TV
Garden Groom Clippings
Garden Groom Clippings
Garden Groom Weed Thrasher
Garden Groom Weed Thrasher

Garden Groom Hedge Trimmer

Who knew that visiting mom would give me a chance to try out the garden groom hedge trimmer, one of the most popular As Seen On TV items for the last few years. As a self proclaimed infomercial junkie you would have thought I would have held the garden groom in my hands already but anyone who knows me at all knows that when it comes to hard labor I'm pretty lazy.

So when my mother asked me to help her in the yard over the holiday weekend my first instinct was to start a list of excuses so I could bow out gracefully, but the garden groom was a life saver. My mother has 3 foot high dense hedges spanning the entire western face of her home. The old way of dealing with them was using the large electric trimmer which worked ok, but the cleanup was a living nightmare. By the time I was finished butchering the shrubs the yard was filled with clippings and no efficient way to get rid of them. I would spend about an hour hedge trimming, and about two or three hours trying to bag the waste. I'm telling you I hated this more than anything in the world.

You can probably imagine how excited I was to tackle this chore again, but my mom said she bought some new trimmer and hadn't it out yet. When I saw the thing, I quickly realized it was the garden groom hedge trimmer which I've heard about, but never really cared about, until that moment. The garden groom promised to put all my hedge clipping horrors behind me so I figured I would give it a whirl and I'm pretty glad I did. The first thing I did before plugging it in was not read the directions, but search for the infomercial online so I could see it in action. As usual it was loaded with As Seen On TV carnival barking, which made it entertaining, but also useful. Watch the Garden Groom commercial and see for yourself.

Garden Groom Commercial

Garden Groom Reviews

Now the garden groom commercial is pretty good about showing you all the features but the most important thing about an As Seen On TV item is whether or not it is made from space age polymers and according to the announcer, the garden groom is.  So it must be good right?

Well, the garden groom reviews are pretty positive and over the years it has one several awards within the gardening industry.  I was pretty surprised to read about its widespread acceptance because even though it is sold on TV ads, this means it is not a gimmick.

The accolades started back in 2004 upon its release, and amid some scatterings of user complaints, they still remain.  The garden groom has been featured on "I Want That" and HGTV's "Gardener Guy" with Paul James.  Also, the garden groom hedge trimmer received the Retailers Choice Award at the National Hardware Show one year.

There are a few other models of the garden groom including the midi and the pro which also received some honors so as you watch the ads enjoy the campy sales pitch but keep in mind their are a lot of great garden groom reviews and the product seems to be a word wide smash.

My Garden Groom Review

So here is my garden groomer review and for the most part it is positive. I plugged my space age polymer constructed trimmer into my long extension cord and went crazy on the hedges. The first thing I noticed was that it was pretty light compared to the other one I've used at my mothers house and seemed a lot safer.

First, you cannot turn on the garden groom hedge trimmer by accident. You need to grip it properly with both hands and press both button before it engages. Definitely a plus. Then the flat trimming surface is very different from anything I've used before and the advantage is allows for even cutting. I've always had a problem with this and even though the hedges still were uneven after my artistry, it was much better than the traditional electric trimmer I used previously.

My only negative was that it didn't seem as powerful as some of the clippers I've used manually but it was nearly as good as my other electric trimmer. I would still say that the large electrics, even though often not able to cut through some things, are a better bet for the tough stuff.

However, the main benefit besides safety is the fact that the garden groom hedge trimmer chops up the clippings and retains them in the on board bin for super easy clean up. This was absolutely awesome although I needed to empty it more than I would have liked. My mother didn't have the mega bag shown in the commercial. I can't really say if the mega bag is good or bad but it certainly holds a lot more mess than the bin in the unit. But, the extra trips to dump the waste are a pleasure compared to the endless raking, bending, scooping and bagging of old.

Overall, I would have to saw that doing the job with the garden groom saved me a ton of time and was a lot more fun. It was still work but my butchering of the shrubs was much less severe due to the cutting surface, and it's weight allowed me more control and I was less tired during the chore. I would continue to use it and just keep my manual clippers handy to get through the thicker branches which the garden groom can't handle. It's probably worth the money for anyone who hates battling their hedges.


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    • profile image

      Barbara MacKenzie 

      7 years ago

      I have just spent the last hour trying to get $ back from this product... basically it's been discontinued because it works so poorly! DO NOT INVEST A PENNY into this even with the "Money back" promise as they will charge you $29.95 in S/H charges PLUS what-ever it costs YOU to send it back!!! What an expensive lesson and the unit DOES NOT work well at all... much better results with plain old hedge-pruners and a rake.

    • stars439 profile image


      8 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Great awesome hub. God Bless You. I have plenty of grass.


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