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Garden Hose | Sprayers | Sprinklers | Nozzles | Vintage Antique Brass Hose Accessories

Updated on April 12, 2013

Bypass the hardware and garden supply stores and go visit an antique store.

That’s right the old vintage brass hose sprayers and yard sprinklers with a new rubber hose gasket may be good to go for another 50 years or more.

Funny, how even with all the modern technology, just sometimes, the old time products just can't be beat. Even after sitting on a shelf or in a box for over 50+ years.

They spray better than any new fangled gadget that we have found on the market today.

With a twist of the old cone nozzle we can spray a fine spray to water plants, to a medium spray to wash the dog, to a jet spray to wash off the patio.

We even found a brass hose nozzle to that will produce a jet blast spray for cleaning off difficult areas.

It seemed that almost every spring we were off trying to find some new sprayer or some type of lawn sprinkler until we remembered the old vintage collection that we had collecting dust.

Since we only had to blow out the yard sprinkler and add new rubber hose gaskets, these old relics have been just doing fine by us.

The yard sprayer even with a partially broken base has out lasted and out performed any other yard sprayer that we have tried in the past 15 years.

Many of these old garden hose accessories were made out of solid brass and made in the U.S.A long before planned obsolesces, plastic and info commercials were ever invented.

Brass is at a premium as scrap metal, so look quick before they end up being sold for scrap.

Antique dealers sometimes have high prices on them but have been sitting on them for sometime so negotiations might be in order.

Estate sells are another great place to find these relics and they may be priced just at a couple of bucks. That’s cheaper than going to get a plastic one at the dollar store.

Being they all metal there’s not much that can go wrong with them, but a close inspection for any cracks from freezing and bursting should be completed before purchasing.

Also ask the shop owner their return policy in case there’s more than meets the visual inspection.

Some of the cone shaped brass hose fittings screwed apart and included an o-ring inside that will probably need to be replaced.

Most just are built so they can’t come apart and will only need to have the old rubber hose gasket removed and a newer one installed.

Although they fit the standard hose end, since these old sprayers were built larger and more heavy duty than the imported ones sold today, they may have a larger base for the gasket to fit into.

The newer smaller gaskets might tend to fall out as the accessories are removed from the hose end

Try to look for hose gaskets in a hardware store or supplier that are of a larger more commercial grade.

For sprinklers a screened hose gasket will keep debris and bugs from clogging up the sprayer head.

These screened hose gaskets can be found around washing machine hose displays.

Now if you are just dead set on having a new shiny brass hose nozzle like these old vintage ones, we still found the cone and the jet nozzle being sold online brand new for around $8.

Just Google vintage hose nozzles into Google Images to find them. We haven’t tried them and really don’t need to because our old ones will probably out last us.

Photos are courtesy of Cottage Craft Works .com Finding old fashioned products and ideas for a more self-sufficient future.


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