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Garden Lawn edging

Updated on December 21, 2010

Garden Lawn Edging

Garden lawn edging is sold in the garden center of most local hardware stores or home improvement stores who also carry lawn and garden supplies. The lawn edging is sold in the garden center in most cases inside the store as most stores who have an exterior garden supply area are only going to sell potting soil and plants as well as bricks and such outside. The garden lawn edging will be in the same aisles as the other items needed for a lawn such as the shovels and rakes.

When you are thinking or considering the use of the garden lawn edging, you will first need to know how big of an area you are looking at installing the edging in. If you have a garden lawn area that you are installing the edging in that is ten feet long by five feet deep, you are going to need to purchase 3 packages of garden lawn edging if the sections sold in the store are sold in sections of 8 feet. This will allow you to have some left over when you are done installing the edging if the garden is in the shape of a rectangle up against a solid foundation such as the house. If you have a garden that will need to have all four sides of the garden using the edging, you will then need to purchase an additional length of edging.

Suggestions for garden lawn edging

If you have a area of your garden that you want to install the garden lawn edging in, there are a few suggestions that will make your garden look even better with the garden lawn edging installed. One of the suggestions that you might want to consider is the use of the lawn edging in a pattern or design. Instead of simply installing the edging in a straight line, consider installing the edging in a wave pattern which will bring out the colors of your garden better by creating a sea of colors when using the garden lawn edging as a edge for plants and flowers.

The lawn edging can be used in a garden of vegetables which will separate the roots of your vegetables by using the edging as a divider from one row to another. The edging will allow you to make sure that your plants are protected easier when you are mowing or weed eating near your plants and vegetables of your garden. The one thing that you want to consider when you install the garden lawn edging is that the edging will not serve as a fence for your garden which will not prevent the rodents or animals from entering your garden. If you are thinking that this will help to keep the animals out of your garden who are bothering your plants or vegetables, you will want to find something a bit more solid that will be used as a fence to keep the animals out. The edging will be installed in the ground and only a small portion of the edging will be sticking up out of the ground. This small portion will only be the round hump at the top of the garden lawn edging and the rest of the black edging will be in the ground. This is the one thing that you will want to consider most when looking to install the edging in your garden. If this is the main reason, you will want to find a better choice for keeping animals out of your plants.


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