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Garden Makeover

Updated on August 30, 2013

Most of the people think that keeping a good garden is a tough job and needs expert advice and professional handling. This is not true and here you would find some simple to understand and easily applicable tips, which you can use in your garden makeover plans. A beautiful garden is a perfect place to release your mind from all the stress you receive from everyday life.


Add a Water Feature

Depending on the size of your garden and its environment, there are many different types of water features that you can install to give your garden the desired makeover. The soothing trickle of the water feature can consume the noises of your city and give you a more natural feeling inside your home. These water features are easy to install and maintain, and they usually take less space in your garden.

Use More Colors

When it comes to coloring your garden area you should concentrate on many things. Proper coloring of fences and walls is important, but equally important is choosing right set of colors for flower pots. Using bold and bright colors in your flower pots can help in giving your garden a colorful look. In the seating arrangement of your garden, you can use cushions that match the colors used in various other places of your garden’s arrangement. When choosing the colors keep in mind the actual colors of the flowers that grow in your garden. Using right combination of colors is the best way to give instant makeover to your garden.


Installing Hammock

There is no better way to relax in your garden, than on a hammock. The best thing about hammocks is that they are easy to install, don’t need much space and enhances the looks of your garden. You can enjoy the comfort of a vacation in your home by having a hammock in your garden. There are wide-variety of hammocks that are available, which comes in various designs, materials and colors. This variety further gives you the freedom in choosing the best hammock for your garden makeover plans.


Use Vertical Space

When you are trying to make changes in a small garden, the options available are generally limited in numbers. However, when you look at the garden landscape as a combination of horizontal and vertical space, then you would find more ideas that can improve the aesthetics of your garden. Using horizontal space properly would not only give more privacy to you, but would create a more interesting environment to look at when sitting in your garden.

Improve the Lighting Arrangement

A good lighting arrangement can provide a great ambience for people relaxing in the garden. Right set of lighting can help in the creation of cozy and comfortable environment, which you desire when relaxing in your garden. With the availability of LED lights, this makeover is easily achieved without making much expenditure.

The quick tips for garden makeover given above are easy to follow and they can provide the much needed improvement to the aesthetics of your garden without any trouble.


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