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Garden Styles - An Appreciation of Harnessing Nature's Beauty

Updated on March 18, 2012

Gardeners everywhere appreciate the many garden styles that enliven outdoor settings with foliage and flowers. Gardens are around us -- sometimes they jump out at us with colors, textures and aromas, and sometimes we take their unspoken beauty for granted as we pass by them every day. And if you have an outdoor space of your own, plan a garden for it. Think about the type of garden elements that work well together, and use your gardening preferences to develop your personal gardening style. Make it a point to step back and pay attention to the gardens. Absorb and savor their details and enjoy their floral beauty.

A kitchen garden ready for the picking!
A kitchen garden ready for the picking! | Source

Would you grow your own garden?

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Gardening at Home

Home is where the garden is, and growing flowers, plants and vegetables anywhere around the home is a gratifying experience that the whole family can enjoy. At home, a backyard vegetable garden gives easy access to fresh-picked vegetables. Growing vegetables and flowers in pots on the patio, or along the side of the house, or even in the front of the house, are some ways homeowners vary their presentation of a vegetable garden. Sometimes the vegetables grow in a mixed flower bed, adding so much detail and beauty to enjoy with both the sight and the stomach.

It doesn't take too much space to grow vegetables at home. On a window sill, in large pots, on a balcony, deck or patio -- home offers many options to easily grow plants, shrubs, trees, flowers and vegetables.

Indoor gardens thrive in greenhouse-type settings.
Indoor gardens thrive in greenhouse-type settings. | Source

Indoor Gardens

When a person thinks of an indoor garden, he may only picture a few houseplants gathered under a sunny window. This is a type of indoor garden, but it entails more than a few plants. At home, a plant enthusiast may set up an indoor garden outfitted with specialty grow lights and automatic watering systems to grow not only houseplants, but also flowers, vegetables and herbs. Then there is the solarium, an enclosed glass room that functions as a greenhouse room. The sun shines down on the room through its glass roof to promote the healthy growth of the indoor plants housed in the room.

On a larger scale, indoor gardens include freestanding greenhouses that provide a protected environment for new plant growth, and conservatories at botanical gardens, laboratories and academic institutions that promote the growth of rare, exotic and delicate plant species for observation, academic learning and retail production.

Patio de la Grande Mosquée de Paris ~ A specialty garden ~
Patio de la Grande Mosquée de Paris ~ A specialty garden ~ | Source

Gardening is For You

"Whether you have a large plot of land or a group of small pots, growing plants, vegetables and flowers are for you. Your personal connection with nature will enliven your day, improve the quality of air around your plants, and if you're growing veggies, you'll have a convenient supply of fresh-picked food." ~Naima Manal

Specialty Gardens

If you've ever visited a beautifully landscaped park or a local botanical garden, then you know the magnitude and landscaping beauty of non-residential, specialty gardens. These gardens require the regular maintenance of a gardening staff, just because of its size and the volume of plants and flowers they feature. Purposed for visual interest, public gardens invite visitors to a calm, serene setting to enjoy the vast beauty of nature's plants and flowers.

Water gardening is a type of indoor and outdoor specialty garden that features plants that thrive in water with little to no soil. Once the roots of these aquatic plants acclimate to the new water environment, the garden requires little to no supervision, after the initial set up and maintenance of its water supply. Water gardens are a compact way to showcase exotic water plants that are otherwise not easy to observe in nature without traveling to a tropical region.

A community garden project plan gets people working together to reap the benefits of community gardening when they pick its fresh produce.
A community garden project plan gets people working together to reap the benefits of community gardening when they pick its fresh produce. | Source

Community Gardens

Open to the committed public, community gardens arose as an urban solution to the problem of having limited access to high-quality, fresh produce. Even today, many urban dwellers travel to neighboring cities just to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at an affordable price. So where there were abandoned lots or park areas devoid of any vegetation beyond poor-quality grass and the occasional tree, or two, people organized the formation of a community garden project plan.

Proper nutrition is the driving force behind a community food garden. Community gardens exist around the world as collective efforts to grow vegetables together, cooperatively working hard to produce large amounts of food for each community. Beyond the city, community gardens florish in senior citizen communities, schools, Native American reservations, and businesses committed to improving the quality of life of their employees, customers and neighbors.

In a community garden, everyone pitches in to yield a productive harvest at the end of the season. Garden maintenance including joint efforts to turn the soil, pick weeds, water often, and nurture and maintain each plant are some of the main duties each member contributes on a daily and weekly basis. Community gardens produce more than vegetables. As some benefits of community gardening, they foster good, neighborly relations and harness a deep respect for the earth and its many blessings.

What is your favorite type of garden?

Share your favorite garden styles and settings in the comments below!


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    • saday profile image


      6 years ago from India

      Yes Naima gardens are really very beautiful.

    • Naima Manal profile imageAUTHOR

      Naima Manal 

      6 years ago from NY

      Thank you very much. Gardens are very beautiful.

    • saday profile image


      6 years ago from India

      Awesome pictures Naima... Voted up


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