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Garden Windmills

Updated on June 28, 2017
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Windmills in Your Garden

Adding a windmill to your garden will give it beauty and actually could be useful in giving you renewable energy.
Whether you want a windmill to help power your lights or just something nice to enhance your garden you will find some tips here to help you out.

Our neighbor has a windmill that he used to draw water out of his well. He now powers the windmill by electricity because he had to wait for the wind to blow before he could get any water. It seems he should have kept the ability to use wind because a backup wind system on the windmill would be smart in case of a power failure. With all the natural and man made disasters hitting our world a fully functioning wind powered windmill would be very practical.

Garden Windmills come in all sizes from really tiny to maybe 20 feet tall. The small ones are just decorations while the taller ones can be used as a energy source.
Placing one of these in your garden will always attract attention and be a nice focal point for your visitors.

Tips for your Garden Windmill

  • Anchor your windmill securely to the ground. Otherwise the wind can blow it over and damage it. Most come with stakes or prongs to anchor it. Put them deep in the ground to hold your windmill steady.
  • After a few week your new windmill might start to squeak. This means that oil or grease may need to be applied to the bearings. Your instruction manual should have the information on where to apply the grease. If not go for the squeaky sound and apply where needed.Some of the metal ones use roller bearings to keep the blades quiet and may never need any lubricant.
  • Choose the style that would look best in your garden. It might be the classic wooden old Dutch or the tall metal type but whatever you choose make sure it will fit your garden and budget.
  • Most windmills will take some assembly. Make sure the instructions are clear and that you are prepared for putting one together.

Garden Windmills can be Useful Too

Garden windmills can serve a useful purpose. They can be used to pump water or to provide energy for your home. Next time you have a power outage you can still pump your water and light your home. Or it can power the electric fence that you use to protect your plants from wildlife.

There are other uses for a windmill in your garden. The vibrations made from a windmill are know to chase away moles. Moles don’t like their ground shaking around them and will flee for quieter places.

So whatever type of windmill you choose, whether it is just a decoration or being used for some needed purpose you will enjoy having one in your garden or yard.

Red Carpet Studios 5 Foot Rustic Windmill with a Rooster

Red Carpet Studios 5-Foot Rustic Windmill, Rooster
Red Carpet Studios 5-Foot Rustic Windmill, Rooster

I like this one because it is easy to assemble, over 5 feet tall and comes with everything you need to secure it firmly to the ground. Nice country touch with the rooster.



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    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 7 months ago from Norfolk, England

      I'd love a windmill in my garden! I think they look great. =)