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DIY/garden beds

Updated on June 18, 2009

Garden Beds

Are you looking for garden beds in your garden or some concrete surface in your back yard? I want to share this Do it yourself idea with you with some of the things available in your backyard.

if you go and buy a garden bed made of wood or plastic it will cost you around ($90 -$120) for one sq mt plus the cost of potting mix or the cost of soil if you buy it from the garden centre.

here i put a simple method to make the raised garden bed.

  1. buy some cheap tarpaulin from the hardware store it will serve the same purpose as any already made base will give it you.
  2. to make the raised garden bed try to find some bricks (if available around your house) and if not just take some wooden planks join on all the sides with some nail to make it look like a box.
  3. put the tarpaulin over the box, cut to the desired length.
  4. make small numerous holes so that the water seeps out when you plant in there.
  5. now fill it will the 50:50 ratio of potting mix and compost (well decomposed and weed free)
  6. Put some blood and bone and some fertilizer and now you can plant anything in it.
  7. I tried this for 4 sq mt of garden, it cost me only $30 including the potting mix instead of using $250.

hope this will help you


enjoy your gardening


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