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Gardening Guide: Gardening Tips, Ways To Improve Your Garden & Managing Weeds, Bugs and Garden Pests

Updated on September 5, 2014

Choosing The Right Vegetables For The Season

Vegetables Are A Great Way To A Healthy Diet
Vegetables Are A Great Way To A Healthy Diet | Source

Gardening Tips

Gardening is proven to help calm to mind, relieve stress and above all else, allow for fresh fruit & vegetables. Knowing what to plant and how to manage your garden can be time consuming, especially if you don't have the time to do your own research with other commitments. Gardening only requires a few hours per week, with all the hard work being in the initial preparation. The bigger the garden, the more time required. A small garden can be just the right size to provide you with enough fruit & vegetables to save you going to the shop and having to buy flavourless fruit & vegetables.

When starting your first garden here are some simply & essential tips:

- Plan out your garden design

- Find a suitable environment

- Make sure you know what you're going to plant

- Make sure you have the time to manage your garden

- Ensure you monitor any pests, insects & diseases

- Don't be afraid to spend money on fertilizers and sprays

- Ensure there is enough water and sun all year around

The 'Yates Garden Guide' is a must have for all gardening enthusiasts with useful garden tips, landscaping ideas, and a glossary covering a wide range of plants, pests and diseases.

Organising Your Garden Is Essential

An organised garden will help you know where you planted each fruit or vegetable for the season
An organised garden will help you know where you planted each fruit or vegetable for the season | Source

Garden Designs: Maximise Your Space

When designing your garden, keep in mind that to make the most out of our garden, you will need to put in the time and effort. A neglected garden will yield minimal results. When digging your garden bed, ensure you use the correct fertilizers and plough the garden correctly. Organic fertilizers such as chicken, sheep and cow manure generally work best. If you're never used these fertilizers before, consult your local garden centre. Keep in mind that some fertilizers will take some time to be absorbed into the soil before planting can occur.

Seasonal Gardening & Environmental Climate

Plant your garden fruits and vegetables according to the weather season, cycles and climate ensuring you utilize the natural weather patterns as much as possible all year around. This will mean that some plants may need to be planted in advance. For example, if you're looking to grow cucumbers in the summer time, ensure your seeds are planted in Spring time. Although the weather may still be a bit cool in Spring, the seedling will still grow and the cucumber plant will flourish once the warmer weather arrives. Before planting, ensure you read your seed packet or consult your local garden nursery.

Garden Maintenance & Plant Regeneration

Once the growing phase has commenced, be sure to provide the necessary constant care for your plants, including watering, weeding, trimming, pest inspection & so forth. Also ensure that the plant has sufficient space to grow, both vertically and horizontally. A poor gardener is one who plants their seedlings with the expectation that the job is done and the plant & fruit will flourish while expecting that the plant will always have sufficient water and doesn't require any additional food or fertilizer.

Garden Vegetables

Garden Vegetables Are Both Fresh & Poison Free
Garden Vegetables Are Both Fresh & Poison Free | Source

Knowing What To Plant

One of the most important points ensuring that you include a range of different fruits and vegetables. Do not plant the same plants in the same soil one season after another. Each plant reaps different nutrients through the soil, therefore, it is important to ensure that you move your plants around each season to make the most out of the soil and it's nutrients. Try experimenting with different fruits and vegetables in different seasons by planting some fruits and vegetables which may seem harder to maintain than others. With more experience and care, you'll soon be able to plant anything you put your mind to with the right attention and

Buying The Right Fertilizers & Pesticides

Ensure you give your plants the attention they deserve. Just like humans, they need food. Plants will generally require more than just sun and rain if you want them to flourish and produce a good harvest. Feed your plants with the right fertilizers designed for your fruit and vegetable plants. If you're unsure of what to use, read the labels of a range of different products or consult your local garden nursery.

When taking care of your plants, ensure you get rid of any bugs and insects which may be eating the fruit or leaves. A plant without leaves will eventually die and if you don't kill off harmful insects, they'll soon die. The most common are caterpillars, and if not prevented, can end up eating entire plants, leaving you with nothing but an empty vegetable patch.

Choosing What To Plant In The Right Time Of Year

A flowering garden bed is priceless
A flowering garden bed is priceless

Gardening Through The Seasons

During the cooler months of the year, most plants will struggle to flourish and bloom. A Way to prevent this is by ensuring your plants get the right treatment during the different seasons. During the cooler months of the year, protect your garden by covering it up with a greenhouse or shed, preventing any snow or frost from killing the leaves. During the warmer months, shade also helps to prevent the heat from drying up the soil and roots. Keep the soil moist all year around but not too soaked. Each plant will require different treatment, however, so long as the soil isn't bone dry or soaking wet, most plants will manage fine.


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    • DeviousOne profile image

      DeviousOne 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Hi Claudia. I think the hardest thing is when we have the nice summer weather, that's when everything grows the best but we're usually more keen to spend time elsewhere instead of at home. My tip would be to try taking some time out on weekend mornings if nothing else.

    • Claudia Tello profile image

      Claudia Tello 5 years ago from Mexico

      I’ve always wanted to have a vegetable garden but I haven’t had the time to do the proper research and make it work. I’ve done some failed attempts with herbs but they just didn´t make it. You are right when you say a vegetable garden needs time and effort for it to be a success. Thanks for all the good tips and information you’ve given here, I’ll keep them in mind.