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Garden Heaven

Updated on August 18, 2014

My Garden Heaven

Man was designed to be the custodian of the earth. Taking care of life and nature should be paramount to all that we do, as this is the only place we have to live. For me, taking care of nature starts in my own back yard. My garden heaven is a half acre that consists of least ten beds and one mini garden.

Welcome to my peace of heaven on earth.

Heaven and Nature

Herons fly overhead to get to their river nests in the Valley. A variety of hawks circle the sky showing their babies how to fly.

Frogs patrol the garden for bugs. The deer bring their babies through the back of our yard, and sometimes a buck will lay down for a nap by our driveway in the winter.

My back yard is attached to a forest that is lit by heaven.

My Little Helpers

As one who reads everything, I cannot stress just how much one can learn from a good book that was written about gardening. No two gardens are the same, nor are any two gardeners. The books suggested here are for good reference to help with your gardening adventure.

First Time Garden Specialist: Specialist Series
First Time Garden Specialist: Specialist Series
This is a good book for first time gardeners. All the basics.
Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening
Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening
I have a Rodal's Organic Gardening book from the 1980s, and I still reference it.
The Organic Home Garden: How to Grow Fruits and Vegetables Naturally
The Organic Home Garden: How to Grow Fruits and Vegetables Naturally
You really can grow food in your own back yard. This book will help you get started.

Hydrangea In Bloom

Hydrangea In Bloom
Hydrangea In Bloom

Nature's Jewels

The above photo was taken by my husband.

Last year, our friendly robin nested in the holly bush right by the deck. Robin could care less about the traffic that went by, and did not mind the dog, either.

Double Mini Daffodils

Double mini paper white daffodils light the way with two flowers on each stem.

My Bleeding Heart

My Bleeding Heart
My Bleeding Heart

The Art Of Nature

The Art Of Nature
The Art Of Nature

Garden Prints from ImageKind

Garden art is calming, provokes thought, inspires ideas, and compliments any room. You are welcome to visit my garden gallery to see what is available in my shop. If you are looking for something in particular, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Whether it be in a downtown greenhouse, or your own back yard, everyone needs a garden heaven. There is something peaceful about being at one with the earth and all that is in it. There are lessons to be learned from nurturing something from seed to seed, as this is the reality and the design of life. Thank you for stopping by to view a little bit of my garden. You are welcome to share your garden tips with me, and I will continue to share mine with you. Any questions you may have, my library is open 24/7 especially for you.


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