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Gardening 101 , Snap Peas, How To Grow Them, And How To Enjoy Them.

Updated on July 9, 2013
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Sugar Snap PeasIn the photo here you can see the peas just as they have come up. Here in this photo are sugar snap peas and the pods they grow in.
Sugar Snap Peas
Sugar Snap Peas
In the photo here you can see the peas just as they have come up.
In the photo here you can see the peas just as they have come up.
Here in this photo are sugar snap peas and the pods they grow in.
Here in this photo are sugar snap peas and the pods they grow in.

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Snap Peas

Snap Peas like all other peas are pod fruits. You will find that most pods of snap peas contain five to six peas. You can plant your snap peas so that they can grow up supports or chicken wire securely fastened to poles and the snap peas will grow up the chicken wire and you can pick and harvest them a lot easier than if they were growing on the ground.

I grow them this way and it always works out just perfect. As I'm writing this its soon going to be time to plant them here in North Carolina. I'm currently waiting for the ground to dry out so I can work the soil and get ready to plant my peas.

I just simply love sugar peas cooked with new potatoes. Add a little sea salt and butter and you have a wonderful side dish that will go with any meal. Try it and see what you think.

Delicious Sugar Pea Recipe

Here's a great recipe for the crockpot. Put two cups of shelled snap peas in a crock pot and add two cups of new potatoes to the crockpot. Cut your small new potatoes up into small pieces before adding them to the crock pot. Add a tablespoon of butter, and a teaspoon each of ground sea salt and ground black pepper and cook on high for six hours. You'll have a pot of the best tasting peas and potatoes that you've ever tasted in your life.

Sugar Snap Peas Will Tolerate Light Frost

The snap pea also known as English Peas or Sweet Peas are able to be planted as soon as the ground can be worked. The pea plants will even tolerate light frost and they are a great cold weather crop. I remember my Grandfather planted them in late February and they would be ready to be picked in 60 days.

Your snap peas need to get at least 6-8 hours of direct sun light a day and you need to prepare the place where you plant your peas by digging in compost or well rotted manure and you also need to work in 2 pounds of 5-10-5 fertilizer per 25 foot of pea row. Be sure that any manure you add to your garden is well rotted and ready to be used or you will end up burning up your peas.

Snap Peas need to be planted 1-2 inches underground and you need to plant them where they have something to climb and grow on. You don't want to just let your snap peas grow on the ground or you will end up with a poor crop of peas. When the peas are growing well but not yet blooming add more 5-10-5 fertilizer around the snap peas but try to keep from touching the plants or leafs. This time around add one pound of fertilizer for each 25 foot row of peas.

Your snap peas should be planted 1-2 inches deep and 1 inch apart. Allow 18 to 20 inches between rows and more if you plan to use a garden tiller. You can if you wish use a straw mulch and apply it real heavy. It will keep the moisture in and the weeds out and you won't have to work near as hard keeping the weeds out of your garden.

There is a variety of snap peas that is called " Sugar Ann " and it is a very good variety of snap peas to grow and it will make in 52 days from planting. When you water your peas water at night and use a sprinkler or sprinklers. The best time to water is just after sunset and you should water them very well once a week while they are growing unless you are getting enough natural rain fall.

I think you will find that the snap pea is one of if not the easiest vegetable you can grow. If you want to harvest snap peas over a longer period of time plant one planting of snap peas as soon as the ground can be worked and about a month later plant more snap peas. This way you will be able to harvest snap peas over a longer period of time.

You will find that snap peas need a large amount of nitrogen to grow but you can take care of this by buying bean and pea inoculate about a week before you plant the snap peas and just follow the package directions.

While your at your local farm and garden center ask if there is a particular variety of snap peas that grows better in your area than other varieties. Ask if people in your area have had any particular problems growing snap peas in your area.

Read the labels on your snap pea seeds, the bean and pea inoculate and any pesticide you may use. Be sure that you know and understand all the details and risks. If you spray your snap peas with a pesticide how long are you to wait before you harvest and eat the snap peas. One thing you can do if the danger of frost has past when you plant your snap peas is to plant several marigold plants in the same area where you plant your snap peas. You'll find with the marigolds growing you'll have far fewer pests trying to mess with your snap peas.

You need to watch out for root rot disease and fusarium wilt both of which can be a major problem with growing snap peas in some areas. If you see yellowing of the pea leafs and wilting then you have a problem your going to have to deal with. First of all you need to buy wilt resistant varieties of peas and you need to be sure your peas have plenty of drainage. You don't want your snap pea plants standing in water. If you see water standing cut back on watering.

You can harvest your peas, shell them and freeze them in zip lock bags. This will preserve them well and stop the sugar in them from breaking down. I like to cook fresh snap peas with a few new potatoes and they are so delicious served that way.

Sugar Snap Peas Are An Excellent Nutritional Source

Snap Peas are an excellent source of iron, protein and insoluble fiber. In case you don't know insoluble fiber can help to lower serum cholesterol and help prevent heart disease and stroke. Do you know that a cup of cooked snap peas contains only 67 calories. Well you can't beat that can you.

You can find many many recipes for snap peas all over the internet and from family and friends. I like to keep recipes for fresh grown snap peas very simple so I can taste the wonderful delicious flavor of the peas.

With some varieties of sugar snap peas you can eat the peas and the pods. Especially if they are harvested early and steamed. Steaming is a favorite way of mine to cook the pea pods with the peas in them. All you need is a little sea salt and some butter for a delicious dish that everyone will enjoy.

When they are fresh sugar snap peas are tender and delicious. Once they get older and more mature you'll have to shell the sugar peas out of the pods.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my Hub Page on Snap Peas. I really appreciate it. I hope there are some snap peas in your future real soon. If you have any questions at all feel free to ask your questions and I will come back and answer them. Thank you for your time.

How To Grow Sugar Snap Peas And Snow Peas

Snap Peas need to be grown on trellises or frames up off the ground.

Snap Pea Trellis Ideal. Build simple wood frames with twine on them that your snap peas can grow up and over letting them produce more peas and letting you pick your peas easier.
Snap Pea Trellis Ideal. Build simple wood frames with twine on them that your snap peas can grow up and over letting them produce more peas and letting you pick your peas easier.
Snap Pea Trellis Ideal. Here poles have been made into teepees that the peas grow up and cover.
Snap Pea Trellis Ideal. Here poles have been made into teepees that the peas grow up and cover.
Snap Peas are ready for harvest in the photo above.
Snap Peas are ready for harvest in the photo above.

How To Grow Sugar Snap Peas

Your sugar snap peas also known as English Peas will tolerate a little shade but they prefer full sun with at least 6-8 hours of full sun a day.

Your peas also need a trellis or frame work to grow up and over. Yes your peas must have support, both to keep them up off the ground and to allow them to be picked easier. Most varieties of snap peas or sugar peas will need about 60 days to grow from the day you plant them in the ground.

You'll find that snap peas do not like dried out soil and they will need regular watering to keep the soil they are growing in moist. You don't want dried out soil but you also don't want dried out soil either.

Once you get your snap peas up and growing well mulch around the base of your plants with well rotted and mature mulch. This will prevent weeds or grass from coming up in your snap peas and it will also hold important moisture in. I like to put layers of newspaper down first and then I put the mulch on top. The layers of newspaper keeps the moisture in the ground and the weeds and grass out.

Pea And Bean Inoculate

Ask at your farm and garden store and purchase a pea and bean inoculate and put it out about a week before you plant your peas. The pea and bean inoculate helps bacteria in the ground already create nitrogen which the peas or beans need for growth.

Planting Your Snap Peas

Plant your pea seed about three inches apart. You will want them to be at least a half inch deep to prevent birds from digging them up.

Spread Out Your Pea Plantings

You should plant your snap peas about 21 - 30 days apart so you'll be able to harvest snap peas over a longer growing season. Just plant half your pea patch one day and wait 21 - 30 days before you plant the other half of your pea patch. By doing this you'll be able to harvest snap peas for a much longer period of time.

Peas Can Be Planted In The Late Fall Also

You can plant snap peas in the late fall six to eight weeks before the first frost. They will even be able to withstand a few frosts.

Please post your comments about Snap Peas. And thanks for your time.

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very help full gardning ideas.thank you so much.


    • JohnM profile image


      8 years ago from Miami Florida

      Snap peas are indeed good with new potatoes. Planting some real soon.


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