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Flowers-Garden-Spring Gardening Spring

Updated on October 25, 2013
Can't Wait For Some  Fresh Green Grass!
Can't Wait For Some Fresh Green Grass!
Crocus will be so lovely to see.
Crocus will be so lovely to see.
mini Iris so bright and beautiful
mini Iris so bright and beautiful

Gardening-Spring 2011-Getting Ready

Although it's not even the middle of February my mind is already in and on my garden.

I can't wait to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. But,what I am really looking forward

to is seeing my gardens come back to life. There is still some snow on the ground and it

is a bit cold for digging in the dirt,but soon it will be time. What I like to do at this time of

year when I can't quite go out and play, is start getting my ideas and tools together. I like

to make sure I have all my tools ready,the right tools can make all the difference. Whether

you are a beginner or an expert you will find choosing your tools before the planting season,

will make all of your gardening chores much quicker, easier and more successful.When selecting

your tools,look for handles that feel comfortable.The right sized handle is all it takes to prevent

a season's worth of cramps and blisters.Consider the weight of your tools also, this is just as

important as finding the right size. If your tools are too bulky or too heavy to lift comfortably, you

will tire more quickly and get less accomplished or you may not use them at all.I prefer a medium

shovel with a grip on the handle.While everyone looks for a bargain it is best not to waste your hard

earned money on cheap,poorly made tools that will bend or break easily, and need to be replaced.

If the price of the tool seems really cheap-the tool probably is too. There is almost nothing worse

than starting a project with a tool that won't last or breaks in the middle of your project.High quality

garden tools may cost a bit more, but if you take care of them they can last a lifetime.

When planning to purchase new tools, you should consider how often you will use it.Just

an example: If you haul compost,mulch,seed or heavy equipment on a regular basis, it makes a lot

of sense to invest in a good quality wheelbarrow or a garden tractor with a utility wagon. But if you

are not really a hedge or shrub person you can do without hedge clippers.

Now is a great time to take inventory in your garden shed so that you know just what you

have and what you may need. Some helpful Items you may need are listed below.Plan ahead so

as soon as spring arrives your ready to go.

Do You Have What You Need?

I like having the following tools available for use in my garden,but you may not need the same. While having many tools is great,if you don't use them they just take up space.

Round-Point Shovel Garden Hoe

Grass Shears Hedge Shears

Lawn Rake Bow Rake

Garden Spade Trowel

Wheelbarrow Garden Hose & Reel

Cultivator Pruners

This is just a basic list. I also like to keep a few pair of garden gloves handy especially for

working with roses- A good pair of gloves will save your hands also.A mulch fork is also one

of my favorite tools as this makes spreading mulch go much easier and quicker. I prefer my

Cub Cadet garden tractor with a pull behind cart-this also makes it much easier on my back

while getting mulch from the pile to the garden. I have a large garden-you may only need a

wheelbarrow. I also like to have a Garden Fork on hand this is great for digging up plants,

it goes between the roots instead of chopping them off. No matter which tools you choose

for your garden, you should always keep your garden tools clean before putting them away

for the night or for the winter and it is a great idea to keep tools like shears and pruners oiled

and sharpened.If you take care of your tools you will get long lasting use out of them,and

keeping your tools clean you will help to prevent spreading diseases from plant to plant.

Gardening is so much fun and I am so excited to add to my already beautiful garden. Start

planning your garden now, get your tools ready, order any seeds or bulbs make sure your ready.

Planning ahead will allow you to spend the first nice day in your yard instead of shopping for

what you need.I am so excited for this gardening season 2011.The next step will be to decide

what plants to add to my garden. So get your tools ready.Start planning today-it will give you

much more satisfaction if you are prepared. Happy Gardening!


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  • IN2Deep profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from USA

    Yes-I know-we still have about a foot.I am trying to be patient-but that is very hard for me-my husband tells me all the time they named a flower after me "Impatient". I have noticed that my lilac,forsythia and a few others are getting some life-so I am expecting in a few weeks as the snow melts that everything will just start growing like crazy-I believe it will be a really great year for gardening-the snow is like farmers fertilizer-keeping the plants protected from wind,heavy rains ect.So for know I will just get my tools ready and figure out what to plant where and what colors to add-I am planning a moonlight garden so I need to order some stuff so it will be here by spring.Have a Great Day!

  • breakfastpop profile image


    7 years ago

    Great information and inspiration. Now if the snow would only go away......


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