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Updated on August 24, 2016

Plumber under sink


A lot of my customers tend to be women who pick up the phone and call when there is some form of plumbing problem that requires professional attention. In my experience their husband are always too busy sitting in front of the laptop working or watching football. And he leaves her to make all the arrangement for home repairs and also make the payments. So exactly what does this mean for the woman?

Now am not in any way saying that women are bad are negotiating prices as i have come across some seriously smart and ambitious women that can use an adjustable spanner and a screw driver much better than me. Yes am talking about experienced female plumbers.

What i will say is some women are a target for plumbers, builders and all sorts of trades people in the respect that they have no idea what things should cost and never take the time out to research the average cost of the work they required done. In most cases the customer just wants the problem fixed and is willing to pay whatever. For some trades people this type of customer is what is called a target.

Simple scenario is she calls a plumber and tells her kitchen sink is leaking and the taps might be broken. The plumbers replies "i charge £70 hourly and i can be with you in the next hours to rectify it" the customer is excited thinking the problem will be sorted instantly. Only the plumber arrives and spends the first hour looking at the job and then leaves the property to buy parts for the job which he also charges her for and makes a profit on top of the cost. He returns and makes sure it takes him at least 2 hours to fix the problem and change the taps. And then turns around and hands her a bill of £300 and she's gob smacked. WOW.

1. Women get ripped off, because their women and their vulnerable and some plumbers take advantage of this fact.

2. Women get ripped off because their men and most plumbers see a cash machine or hear cash register opening when they pick up the phone and its a mum on the other end.

3. Women don't negotiate well, they tend to get frustrated and jut want the problem gone ASAP.

4. They haven't don't their research on the average cost of the jobs and the length of time ti should take the plumber to complete.


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