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Genius Ways on How to Hang Your Wall Art in a Special Way

Updated on September 12, 2019
Katherine Balle profile image

She goes to great lengths to seek out new interior designs every time.

Got empty walls that need one of a kind makeover? Wall decors are the easiest way to make your home stunning and admirable. Aside from filling up the spaces, wall art is a great way to showcase your personality.

What you like, and what inspires you. So where and how to hang them on your wall may be a crucial decision.

Showcasing your wall decor the right way will give you a sense of pride. You create a whole new paradise inside the comfort of your own space.

Follow these tricks to achieve that perfect wall art gallery of your dreams.

Do not Compete. Compliment Wall Art and Your Interiors.

In decorating your walls, you must first be familiar with your interiors. The placement of your furniture, and the color of your wall. You don’t want your new addition of wall decor to overpower everything in your home. It’s best to allow things in your home to compliment each other. You may consider reading some tips in choosing wall art based on interior design.

Wall prints set the atmosphere in your home. It’s like giving your home a breath of fresh air. Study shows that your place affects your state of mind and mood. So it’s best to organize everything to boost up the vibes and invite positive energy in.

Measure Your Walls

Preparing wall through measuring its size.
Preparing wall through measuring its size. | Source

Measuring is significant. Everything we do in our daily lives requires measurement. Without getting the right distance will cause chaos and your output will be messy. It will also make your work slow and unsteady. Getting measurements will allow you to make decisions. It’s like buying new clothes. You check and measure if the dress will fit you. It’s the same when you are decorating your walls.

First, you measure the available spaces on your wall where you plan to put up a wall decor. Make sure to note the height and width of your blank wall space. By this time, you are already determining your wall spaces for your wall art. Also, make sure to check where people are likely to view your wall art. Record all the measurement and proceed to the next step.

Make a Layout of Your Wall Decor Placement

Plotting a template on the wall.
Plotting a template on the wall. | Source

After measuring your wall, you can start making layouts of your desired placement. But first, what is layout and why is it important? In designing your place, you get the size through measuring. The number you get will be helpful in choosing the right size of decors. Creating a layout will guide you as you go on. You can actually do it on a piece of paper. If you still wanna see how your layout will look like on the wall, you can do cutouts and tape it on.

It’s actually okay to have many revisions while working your layout. But remember to take note every once in a while. Your wall print will rely on the measurements and design you have prepared. Plotting your template is essential to help you save time and money when getting your wall decor. Don’t buy everything else beforehand. It’s best to prepare your wall arrangements first.

Balancing Wall Decors

Sample graphics of balancing wall decor.
Sample graphics of balancing wall decor. | Source

Keeping your wall prints visually balance will make it more admirable. You may consider this in plotting your layout template. Wall canvases that are not balance may cause you distress instead of relaxation. Well, everything that is not stable will actually make you uncertain and uncomfortable. One of the main reasons why you are putting up a wall decor is to make your home soothing. That every time you go home, a gallery wall of your chosen art will welcome you with open arms.

There are many ways you can balance your wall decor with style. First, you should consider it’s visual weight. It refers to a wall decor that appears to be heavier than the other. Like the size or the color of a picture. Another way is to arrange your wall art symmetrically. It pertains to the wall art which is the same on each side. Asymmetrical, on the other hand, refers to the use of different wall art and size to create balance. You may also explore many more ideas in organizing your wall canvas. If the template looks pleasing, you may now proceed in choosing the right wall art for you.

Choose the Right Wall Art

Wall art of Dandelion, Deer, and Feather.
Wall art of Dandelion, Deer, and Feather. | Source

Finally, your measurements and your templates are ready. You can now start shopping for canvas wall arts and look for the prints you want to see on your wall. You can even customize your wall decor with images you like. You can choose to display the art that reflects your personality. Or you can hang your favorite vacation place or scenery. There are a lot of options. You can even create a gallery of all the places you have been to. You may also highlight your most-loved architecture. Or you may showcase your hometown’s culture.

Most people nowadays are also considering posting quotes to inspire them every day. What you hang up there is all up to you. But you may also consider reading some wall art guides and ideas that are perfect for your home. Nonetheless, choosing the right wall out is something you should enjoy. It’s like browsing for photos that will make your home very welcoming at the same time elegant.

Have Fun Decorating!


You got everything all set and the last thing you must do is hang those wall arts. This is the most exciting part because you will now see your layout come to life. All the hard work you have rendered will now pay off.

After doing some final touches on your wall, you may now relax and admire the beauty of your new home. How good your new wall will look like will reflect on how passionate you are in doing this project. Decorating your wall the right way is something you should be proud of.


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