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Geodesic Greenhouse Info Portal

Updated on April 21, 2011

Geodesic Greenhouse Advantages

Benefits of a Dome Growing Space

Having a geodesic greenhouse of your own will transform your gardening hobby.

In the past geodesic greenhouses were only for the ace gardener, now they are an option open to everyone who loves gardening and wants more amazing fresh produce all year round.

Having a dome nursery allows you to control the light, temperature, moisture in the air and other factors that impact what kinds of veggies you can grow.

Some areas in your dome nursery will be dryer, some will be cooler, so choose your plants for the spot they will do best in then you will have the best crop.

One of the best reasons to have your own geodesic hothouse is so that you can grow plants all year round (with proper design and insulation/venting).

Having a dome nursery is a great way of sharing your food growing hobby with friends, relatives and family.

Building important connections is part of living a good life and this sharing can be done while you invest time gardening together in your dome nursery! These relationships are crucial to your success in life, and dome nursery gardening is a simple means to build these relationships.

Having a dome nursery allows you a constant supply of gifts for special occasions.

Veggies are a special gift for any occasion and it means so much more when you cultivated them yourself.

Having ones own dome nursery, you are keeping your flowers protected against insects, vandals and most importantly the worst mother nature can throw at you.

Growing indoors is totally straight forward, in fact many school children do it quite well. Operating your dome nursery is almost a "no brainer", when you have the proper equipment. With automatic systems, you will find that you can achieve more in your geodesic hothouse with 1/3 the work!

When you cultivate your own plants you understand exactly what you used on them, be it compost, organic pest control or nutrients.

Last but not least, one of the most important advantages of having a geodesic hothouse is the peace and quiet that you can find within the walls of your dome nursery.


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