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Get Ready for Spring-Planting Seeds Indoors

Updated on January 17, 2011

It is cold outside, middle of a long winter season, the wind is blowing and in some areas snow falls to cover the landscape. Thoughts of warm sunny days, the smell of fresh cut grass and plants growing are never far from our minds; especially the minds of the gardeners whose thoughts turn to planning their gardens, tilling fresh warm earth, and planting the vegetable seeds. Seed catalogs should be arriving in the mail soon-wonderful catalogs to peruse with pictures of beautiful vegetables, fruits, and flowers, bringing to mind the prospect of a a bountiful harvest from just those little seeds. There is nothing like the taste of fresh vegetables for your table.

Economical Reasons for planting a garden

Food for our families costs approximately 46% of our yearly household budget, everything is becoming more expensive and buying good nutritional food such as produce is difficult for many of us to afford. It seems unfair, the one food group that is best for our bodies is the most costly. Consider planting a garden; whether it is a strip of land in your yard or a container garden on your apartment patio or window. Plants will grow anywhere with care.

Health Reasons for planting a garden

Chemicals are the commercial gardeners best ally to keep pests from eating the crops; however, chemicals are not good for our bodies. Organic vegetables are the best to buy but again the cost can be prohibitive for some families.

Depending on the region in which you are located, the time to start seeds varies.  Here in the northeast of the United States we use a seed starting system as early as February.  This gives the fragile plants a chance to grow strong before being planted in the ground outside or in the container for your windowsill or patio. 

Seed Starting Systems from Burpee give my plants the best chance to grow because of a few features:

  • Capillary Mat underneath the soil cubes draws the water from the reservoir tray up to the bottom opening in each cube, watering it perfectly.
  • Transparent Lid keeps the moisture and warmth inside, like a greenhouse.
  • Each soil cube comes with nutrients in the soil for your seedlings.

Planting Seeds give Good Learning Experiences

Each member of the family, even the smallest child, can learn and experience a great feeling from putting that small and seemingly lifeless seed into the soil cube, knowing the "magic" will soon begin. Each day the cube is checked and then one day a tiny green plant pokes through the dirt. Daily it is nurtured and watched especially by the little ones.

Soon the day comes when it is time to transfer your seedling to a bigger pot and promises of the most amazing, home-grown vegetable are sure to be going through your mind.

Try home-gardening this year, start small or big and experience the joy of growing and eating your own vegetables as well as viewing and smelling beautiful flowers you grew.


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    • onegoodwoman profile image

      onegoodwoman 7 years ago from A small southern town

      You are speaking from my own heart........

      I feel the need to till, to stir, to plant....

      My Grandmother often chastised me for 'rushing spring'.